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Obviously there are are spoilers in this summary, so read at your own risk. I'm incapable of succinct summary, so this is also quite lengthy.

GEN. ONE: Polaris "Polly" Bee
Prologue through Chapter 1.28:
Polaris is an alien sent to Simnation by the nefarious Alcyonian Hegemony. At the start of The Beehive, Polaris had settled in Lucky Palms with the mission objective of studying humans and collecting geological and biological examples to send to Alcyone for examination. She is warned not to contact humans, but she is given a cover story in case of accidental contact. She assumes the identity of Polly Bee, a data entry specialist from Bridgeport who suffers from a rare, color-changing disording called Alcyonian Syndrome. She is under the command of Commander Eridanus (aka The Commander), and she must report daily to his underling Crux (Prologue).

Polaris quickly settles into a routine in Lucky Palms: she collects rocks, insects, and gems and sends them to Alcyone. While she sends most of the samples to the Hegemony, she steals some smaller samples and keeps them for herself (Ch. 1.1). Her curiosity gets the better of her and she decides one night to venture out of her house against orders. She is quickly abducted, and finds herself in a strange conversation with another alien of a different species. The alien, who calls herself Eni, warns her that the Commander is dangerous. She returns Polaris to her home safely, but not before advising her to break away from the Hegemony (Ch. 1.2).

Polaris continues collecting samples, but she saves many of them with the intent of selling them so she can chisel out her own life. She also decides to venture out of the house and meet humans. She soon meets Luke Loveday and strikes up a relationship with him (Ch. 1.3). The relationship quickly becomes sexual, but Luke reassures Polaris (or Polly, as he knows her) that he wants their relationship to be more than just sex. Despite her best efforts, the Commander and Crux become aware of her relationship with Luke (Ch. 1.4).

One night, Polaris returns to her home to find Commander Eridanus and a security officer named Pyxis in her living room. They abduct her and return her to Alcyone for interrogation. The Commander and Pyxis torture her, and the Commander reveals that he will likely execute her for failing to uphold her duties. She is taken to a cell to await her fate. Meanwhile, Eni contacts Crux and encourages him to help Polaris; Crux has already helped Polaris by sending new furnishings to her home and covering up her theft. Crux finds Polaris in her cell and releases her. The two acknowledge that they used to have a romantic relationship, and Crux shows some jealousy about her relationship with Luke. He gives her the address of a new home and transports her back to Lucky Palms, assuring her that she would be safe there (Ch. 1.5).

When Polaris returns to Lucky Palms, she is pleasantly surprised by her new home. She is equally surprised to learn that she is pregnant. She reignites her relationship with Luke. He is supportive of her initially, but he quickly becomes distracted by newfound success with his band. Before she gives birth, he goes on tour with his band. She gives birth to triplets and names them Solaris, Luna, and Elysia (Ch. 1.6). Luke returns for awhile and helps with the triplets until he goes on tour again. The triplets grow into children, and it becomes apparent that Elysia is psychic (Ch. 1.7).

One day, Crux and two strange women show up on Polaris's doorstep. She invites them inside, and Crux tells her about what happened after she transported back to Lucky Palms. He was quickly discovered, and he escaped with Lyra, a fellow agent. They escape Alcyone together and head back to Lucky Palms, picking up a hybrid named Lily on the way. They are briefly waylaid by an Alcyonian hit-woman named Andromeda, whom they dub "Sexecutioner." The finally make their way to Lucky Palms. Lyra has money hidden away that she earned from gambling; she uses it to buy a house so they can make Lucky Palms their permanent home, working under the assumption that the Commander will be looking for them elsewhere (Ch. 1.8).

Luke returns from his tour to find Polaris and Crux. He becomes jealous and fights with Crux. Polaris, tired of his jealous behavior, breaks up with Luke. Crux becomes enamored with Lucky Palms, and he's particularly fond of the library (Ch. 1.9). Crux and Polaris reconcile and Crux begins to court Polaris (Ch. 1.11). Luke, on the other hand, begins spending more time with his children, having given up hope of making up with Polaris (Ch. 1.10).

Meanwhile, a conspiracy theorist begins to notice strange activity in Lucky Palms. Operating with the screen name "naynay," she begins to document sightings of aliens, including Crux and Luna, and posts these sightings on a conspiracy theory forum ("Seeking the Truth" Post #517 and Post #698).

Lily and Lyra soon discover the disturbing posts on the conspiracy theory forum and alert Crux and Polaris. Polaris and Lyra confront "naynay," whose real name is Naomi. They scare the obviously mentally-ill woman and warn her to stay away from them (Ch. 1.12). Soon after, Crux and Polaris become intimate. Shockingly, Polaris begins to feel sick. Soon after her symptoms manifest, Crux is abducted (Ch. 1.13).

Crux's abductor is Xharor, another alien whom he unwittingly helped when Polaris escaped. Xharor tells him that the Commander is possibly dead, and Alcyone is on the brink of civil war. Furthermore, he advises Crux and Company to reveal themselves to Simnation as aliens. Meanwhile, Polaris realizes she's pregnant. Elysia discovers this and reveals the pregnancy to her siblings (Ch. 1.14).

Since the triplets still haven't met Crux, Polaris decides to throw a dinner party and inform him of the pregnancy there. Luna, determined to maneuver her parents back together, invites Luke over for dinner. During dinner, she spills the beans and tells Luke and Crux about the pregnancy. Luke becomes angry, and Crux is shocked. While Polaris tries to console Luke, Crux begins building friendships with the triplets. Luna is resistant, but Elysia and Solaris quickly warm up to him. Polaris and Luke work things out and promise to be friends. After everything calms down,Crux declares his love for Polaris (Ch. 1.15).

Time quickly passes and Polaris soon goes into labor. During her pregnancy, Crux has become closer to the triplets. Polaris, with her typical tact, asks him to marry her (Ch. 1.16). After she proposes, Crux tells her about his conversation with Xharor. He and Lyra have decided that they should all move to a remote town in case there is any backlash from the new Alcyonian government. This decision places him out of town while Polaris is giving birth, as he is in Sunset Valley. Lyra advocates for moving there, but Crux is unnerved by how "perfect" it is (Ch. 1.17). Crux makes it back to Lucky Palms several hours after the birth. He discovers that Polaris has given birth to twins: Nova, a girl, and Zenith, a boy. The family is delighted (Ch. 1.17).

Meanwhile, Naomi ("naynay") contacts one of her friends from the conspiracy forum, "cotteneyed" (real name Hunter). She informs him about Lyra and Polly's visit, and he tells her he's been in contact with some other members of the forum. He decides to go to Lucky Palms to "help her" ("Seeking the Truth" Private Messages). 

As is becoming tradition in my legacy, the twins quickly age into toddlers.  Luna and Solaris love their new siblings, while Elysia is nonchalant. The triplets soon age into teenagers; this age-up is accompanied by typical teen drama. Crux attempts to bond with Luna by giving her a book to read (The Bell Jar), which becomes a conversation piece for a new boy at the school, Quentin Parker. Quentin is obviously interested in Luna, which angers resident mean girl Jacquelyn Santos. She gets into a fight with Luna, which causes Luna to flee the campus. Elysia, meanwhile, begins to develop interesting powers that allow her to locate her sister (Ch. 1.18).

Elysia finds Luna in a park, speaking with two strangers. The strangers--Hunter and Naomi--try to get Luna to go with them for "pizza." When Luna refuses, Hunter tries to force her. Elysia intervenes, but Hunter knocks her out (Ch. 1.18). Elysia dreams about a warehouse, and she can hear her sister call for help in the dream. Solaris soon finds her, and calls over his parents and Crux. The adults decide to investigate a nearby warehouse along with Lyra, who meets them there (Ch. 1.19).

At the warehouse, Hunter reveals his plan to Naomi: along with the help of an unseen person who goes by the name "Ptolemy," he plans to send a ransom note for Luna demanding that Polaris and company come to the warehouse. Once there, he intends to kill them. However, Hunter is shot through the back mid-sentence by Ptolemy, who turns out to be "Sexecutioner"/Andromeda. The Commander also reveals himself. Naomi escapes (Ch. 1.19).

Polaris, Crux, Lyra, and Luke all arrive at the warehouse. Polaris finds Luna tied to a chair, but as she approaches her, Andromeda ambushes her from behind and holds a gun to her head. The Commander creeps on Polaris and implies that he is going to torture and kill Luna in front of her. Polaris, determined to protect her daughter, responds with physical violence. Andromeda, meanwhile, begins to bicker with Lyra. Luke, seeing his chance tries to sneak over to Luna. Andromeda stops him and announces her intentions to kill him; however, Crux dives in front of Luke and is struck in the stomach with a bullet. Lyra knocks the gun out of Andromeda's hand and Polaris manages to grab it and shoot Andromeda in the chest. While Luke and Polaris speak to a dying Crux, Lyra strangles the Commander. Crux promises that he'll meet up with Polaris again at some point, but Polaris is incredulous. Upon hearing police sirens approaching, he orders Lyra to leave him behind, but Polaris refuses. Lyra knocks her unconscious and carries her away (Ch. 1.19).
A police officer arrives at the warehouse to find several bodies. She contacts her sergeant, who--upon hearing a description of the deceased--tells her to call some mysterious men in black. The men take over the investigation. The men are obviously interested in Crux's body (Ch. 1.19).

A few years later, we discover that the intrepid Bee family has moved to Sunset Valley. Nova and Zenith are children, while the triplets are about halfway through high school. Although Polaris was a good mother to the triplets, she has neglected the twins, prompting Solaris to raise them. Nova is a handful, while Zenith easily bends to his sister's will. While the children all know that they are aliens now, they do not discuss Crux's death (Ch. 1.20).

Soon after arriving in Sunset Valley, Lily and Luke strike up a relationship. Lily becomes pregnant and then delivers a boy named Oliver. Lyra is upset about the relationship, given her romantic history with Lily. She also tells Polaris that it is time Polaris accepts Crux's death and tell her children. Meanwhile, Elysia begins to have disturbing dreams about being kidnapped (Ch. 1.21). 

Polaris decides to tell Nova and Zenith about their dad. She tells them that they meet in an academy for members of Alcyonian Hegemony. Despite being competitors for a prized role in the Hegemony, the two fall in love (Ch. 1.22). Soon, the children grow up. Upon becoming adults, Solaris, Elysia, and Luna decide to move to a rental house. Luna runs into Quentin Parker, who has moved to Sunset Valley with his father (Ch. 1.23).

With the triplets gone, the twins become even closer. They adopt a new dog, named Kiki and form a makeshift band called Kiki and the Kooks, with Kiki on vocals, Nova on drums, and Zenith on guitar. Meanwhile, Elysia is advancing as a journalist, Luna and Quentin are having a baby, and Solaris has entered into a sexual relationship with his boss, January Covington (Ch. 1.24).

One night, after having a dream about a strange man named Mercury, Elysia is abducted. Luna has her baby, Esperanza Parker-Bee, that night. Despite the obvious signs of struggle, the police are reluctant to investigate Elysia's case. Meanwhile, January Covington is kidnapped while her daughter, Mia, is at a bar with Nova. Mercury shows up to the same bar, and nefariously watches Nova and Mia (Ch. 1.25).

 Mercury approaches Nova one morning and gives her his phone number. Nova tells Mia about this, and Mia texts Mercury from Nova's phone, setting up a date. Nova initially plans to cancel the date, but she decides in a moment of rebellion to go with Mercury. Mercury takes her to the military base, and without warning her he phases her into an underground compound. This frightens Nova, and she begins to haphazardly run through the halls of the compound, soon discovering that it is an internment camp. While on her misadventure, she discovers cannibal fairies, hotheaded werewolves, and a lone vampire. It becomes evident that the creatures are being held by the mysterious men in black (Ch. 1.26).

Mercury catches up with Nova, and they press on. Soon they discover Elysia, alarmed but unharmed. They also find...Crux, to absolutely nobody's surprise (Ch. 1.26). Crux and Nova are joyfully reunited. Elysia expresses her distrust of Mercury, believing that he is enamored with her teenaged (and underaged) sister. The group cautiously makes it out of the compound to safety (Ch. 1.27).

At the Bee household, Mia denies that she is culpable for Nova's apparent disappearance. It is revealed that Mia and January are werewolves when January bursts into the home in her wolf form. Soon after, Crux and the gang make it to the front lawn of the Bee house, where Polaris and Crux tearfully reunite (Ch. 1.27).

Life becomes normal for the Bees. Crux forges strong relationships with his children, and he finds a comfortable place in the dramatis personae of Sunset Valley. Polly and Crux resume their wedding plans, and the generation ends with a totally lovely and not at all cheesy wedding, thus proving my legacy is on par with a Shakespearean comedy (Ch. 1.28).

GEN. TWO: Nova Bee
Chapter 2.1 through ?:

Right after graduation, Nova moves out on her own. She is struggling to make ends meet. She dumpster dives and performs in parks for a living. She enjoys performing, and wants to become an acrobat. Her friend Mia Covington comes to Nova's apartment with an offer: she's met a man who runs a gentleman club, and he is looking for acrobats for a burlesque show. Mia has gotten an interview for Nova (Ch. 2.1).


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