Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ch. 1.9: Fidelity

“Mom broke up with Luke,” Elysia says. She doesn’t call him “dad,” or “daddy,” or anything else a child typically calls a father. Why would she?

“Shut up, Elly,” Luna grumbles, “you big fat liar.” It’s true—Elysia was prone to lying, but she made sure to weave in the occasional truth.

The girls are trying to complete their homework last minute after a wild weekend of tag and pillow fights. As usual, Solaris finished his homework at lightning speed, leaving the Luna and Elysia to work on their own. He doesn’t offer any help as they struggle.

“Really, they broke up,” Elysia insists. They hardly ever see their father anyway, but she feels like Solaris and Luna should be taking this more seriously. Their parents are no longer together—they should probably get busy developing psychological scars or something.