Monday, March 10, 2014

"Seeking the Truth" Forum Post #698

Posted on "Seeking the Truth," subforum "Paranormal Sightings."

Subject: alien anchor baby??? 

naynay: omg guys...i have a huge sighting, but first some background...

...i live in lucky palms, and recently this guy moved next door to me. no huge deal...he looks like a douche, but he doesn't bother me...

...anyway, i was looking outside right now and i saw this guy outside with some kids. i don't know maybe they're his but one of them is BLUE and she has orange hair. there is an alien kid in my neighborhood!! first the library, now my next door neighbor's house....i'm not safe here!!

Greys: Calm down, naynay. Are you sure that's what you saw? Maybe you're still wound up from your other sighting.

cottoneyed: Shit, they're breeding here? That's fucked up.

scowl_face: Pics or GTFO.

cptkirk69: hahaha, pics or gtfo! yeah! tit pics! rofl

Ptolemy: Yes, post a picture.

Greys: Don't do anything crazy, naynay. That said, a picture would be nice.

naynay: sorry i was gone for so long. i had to dig out my old camera....luckily douchey neighbor has a bunch of big windows in his house. i got a picture of him and the kid...sorry it's blurry...i had to take it from far away and zoom in on my computer...

cptkirk69: lol, thats teal, not blue.

scowl_face: Fake. You're pathological, naynay. You need help.

Ptolemy: Insane--I cannot believe this.

Greys: This is phenomenal, naynay. There are other kids, right? What do they look like?

naynay: like normal kids, really...scowl_face, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....

cottoneyed: Repulsive. Abominations like that should be terminated.

cptkirk69: gingers are repulsive, lmfao. terminate the gingers!!!1

scowl_face:  You're repulsive, cottoneyed. I don't know why you're obsessing over this. You guys need to grow up.

cottoneyed: Hey fucktard, ALIENS ARE INVADING. You're the one that needs to grow up, pussy.

cptkirk69: in befor the lock

diminati: normally i lurk, but it seems pretty screwed up to post a picture of a kid and post it on a forum. even if that kid is a freak. also, she is teal not blue. btw, anchor baby is an offensive term.

cottoneyed: No one cares, hippie.

naynay: i'm trying to find the truth....that's the point of this forum....

plzdontabductmeagain: I just wanted to thank you for your bravery, naynay. You're a true asset to our cause. BTW, she looks green to me. The aliens who abducted me were greyish green.

Ptolemy: Indeed. Great work.

diminati: no, this is not great work. you're a stalker.

scowl_face: I agree with diminati. You need mental help. All of you do.

Greys: Hey everyone, let's calm down and talk rationally

naynay: i really didnt mean anything bad by sorry if i offended anyone.

cottoneyed: don't be sorry, naynay. these mofos are just jealous.

[Mod] Skully: Hey guys, I guess I need remind you that you should not take pictures of private residences and post them here. While we value the discoveries naynay has made for this community, it's important to respect people's privacy. I'm locking this thread and flagging it for deletion.


  1. Hahah! This is worth being up at 2am for. I love these posts you're doing and I love how you've seemed to capture all the varieties of crazies on the internet.

    Poor Luna though. And Luke...I think you need some curtains.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad this was worth insomnia. I think my years of lurking on various forums have helped me cultivate these crazy personalities.

      Luke definitely needs curtains! I always wonder about houses with a million windows--I'd assume people are always peeping in.

  2. Oh cptkirk69... I love how he turned it all so inappropriate. lol And now you have plzdontabductmeagain. I just died laughing at that one. Though I agree with the mod. That's a private residence and that's a child. At least Crux is a grown man and has proven he can take care of himself. Luna has a tough enough go of it all already.

    1. I love cptkirk69. I think he's how I would act on a conspiracy website. Luna is definitely more vulnerable than Crux, which makes naynay's stalkery all the more disturbing. Thank you for reading! :D

  3. Another great forum update. I laughed my head off. From the names to the comments. I was nearly in tears. I also agree with the mod about naynay taking those pictures of Luke and Luna smh. Now that there is a second forum post I am certain the Commander has gotten wind to this by now.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was funny. I giggled gleefully while writing cptkirk69's parts.

      It would be a shame if the Commander got a wind of this.../dundundun

  4. Woah, I'm quite scared by some of those comments there - especially the one about terminating "abominations"... I hope Luna will be safe with that pic of her up on the internet and creeps like that around!

    1. Yeah, a bunch of the comments are disturbing. I felt like I had to throw in a few reasonable comments about the fact the Luna is a *child*. cottoneyed is more unhinged than naynay, methinks.

  5. LOVE THIS! But worried for their safety, of course. I agree with the mod that the thread should be deleted and that the pic was out of line, and I loved that there was a troll and that there were believers and non-believers. And the arguing over the colour haha! Love this fourth dimension to the story :D

    1. Thank you! I was trying to walk a fine line between ridiculous and kind of frightening. I actually looked up a few conspiracy websites while writing this and a lot of those forums ave incredibly stupid arguments. The troll is my favorite part. >:)

  6. LMFAO! Loved both the trolls and the sycophants wanting to believe. And that was my first thought--that's not blue! :D

    1. I actually went to conspiracy theory forums to get an idea of what people wrote on them, and most conversations turn into trolls vs. sycophants. It's kind of incredible.

  7. This is brilliant. Loved that scowlface is the sceptic, haha! Also "normally I lurk" haha! Too good. Good thing someone pointed out how creepy it is to take puctures of people especially kids through their window.

    1. Thank you! I had to make my namesake a skeptic. :)