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Chapter 1.5: Happy Hunting

Polaris's heart sinks. A tense silence smothers the room before the Commander speaks again.

"Really, Polaris. I expected that you would be happier to see me."

"I'm just embarrassed--if I knew you were coming, I would have put on a pot of tea for you," Polaris tries to hide behind false bravado, "now I look like a bad hostess."

"I must agree--you are hardly entertaining tonight," the Commander says, "though you did give Crux and I quite the show last night." His statement takes a moment to sink in.

"You saw..." Polaris mumbles, feeling sick.

"Yes," his reply is casual, "poor Crux was overcome by what I can only assume is repulsion, though I must say that I was impressed by your vigor."

"Enough!" Polaris snaps.

The Commander rises from the sofa. "Temper, Polaris. You are not in the position to continue your characteristic petulance. The Hegemony is not pleased with your actions; furthermore, an investigation of your domicile has revealed that you are stealing," he gestures to the gem cutting machine, "and your new furnishings are further proof of that."

"I haven't stolen, Commander. And I object to the puritanical and repressed views of the Hegemony. Hasn't my work been satisfactory? If anything, I've demonstrated that success can thrive in such an open and unconventional environment."

"Pyxis?" the Commander turns to the green mountain of muscle standing behind him. Pyxis snaps to and quickly advances on Polaris. Grabbing her by the throat, he lifts her several inches off the ground. The Commander continues: "You have demonstrated nothing except your own ineptitude and irresponsibility, Polaris. Now be honest, have you been stealing samples from us?"

Polaris gurgles in response. Pyxis tightens his grip on her throat, pressing his thumb on her trachea.

"I will take that as a yes. It pains me to do this, Polaris, but I must take you back to Alcyone for further interrogation." Polaris knows it's a lie--he's enjoying every moment of this. He pauses for a moment longer, though it feels like hours to Polaris. "Let go of her throat, Pyxis. Restrain her so we can take her to the transport site."

Pyxis releases her throat. She drops to the floor and sucks in air, reveling in it. "Thanks, you're a real gentleman," Polaris wheezes. He scowls at her before grabbing her waist and throwing her over his shoulder.

"Let me go, you goon!" she yells as she fruitlessly beats his back with her hands. Following the Commander's lead, Pyxis carries her into the cold night, towards the transport site.


The trio transports to a detention center, where Polaris is ordered to change out of her so-called 'disgusting human garb' into her uniform. Polaris isn't the Commander's only prisoner--as Pyxis leads her past the holding cells to the interrogation room, she notices two other jailbirds. A creature in black huddles in his cell by himself; his neighbor, on the other hand, looks fearless. Polaris notices the purple woman boldly glaring at Pyxis. Polaris tries to muster up some sympathy for the other captives, but she knows she should probably save it for herself.

The interrogation room is bright and sterile. A lone chair sits in the middle of the room, facing a black desk and a small view screen. Pyxis restrains Polaris to the chair and takes his place by the desk. On cue, The Commander saunters into the room and leans against the desk. He quietly stares at Polaris, his yellow eyes boring holes in her.

"This is a lovely place. You should turn it into a bed and breakfast," Polaris says. The silence is nerve-wracking.

"You are guilty of embezzlement and inappropriate relations with a lower life form--there is no questioning that. Now we move on to the reconditioning," he states, ignoring her comment.

"Reconditioning?" Polaris has never heard of this before.

"The Hegemony only succeeds if its subjects understand and accepts its principals. You have strayed from the principles, and so you need reconditioning," the Commander explains with a smirk, "there is an alternative, if you are interested--execution."

Polaris rolls her eyes, "This is ridiculous. You don't believe in the Hegemony's principals anymore than I do. You're just a power-hungry tool."

"Silence!" the Commander booms, "You swore to uphold our mission, yet you have strayed."

"The mission is cruel and irresponsible. I don't fucking care if it's against the will of the Hegemony--I'm not taking part in this aggression," Polaris can't tell if she's brave or stupid. Perhaps she's stupidly brave. "Besides," she continues, "it's not a sustainable mission. What, we colonize every habitable planet we find and drain its resources? No wonder our own world is a mess."

The Commander turns to Pyxis and nods. Pyxis pops his knuckles as he approaches Polaris. Swinging his body with full force, his fist cracks against her jaw. She feels blood well up in her mouth. Pyxis put his foot up on the chair, as if to brace himself. He grabs her shoulders as and tilts her head forward, preparing to strike her again.

"Stop," the Commander suddenly orders, "Wait outside, Pyxis." Pyxis silently complies.

"I am a bit disappointed in your resistance, Polaris. I have to admit I was hoping you would yield much easier. I do not know how long I can delay execution in light of your disobedience, and reconditioning seems like an impossibility for someone as stubborn as you."

"This is personal," Polaris states, "Why? Why are you so invested in my case? Just let them execute me." She tries to sound calm, but she but her voices wavers, betraying her fear. 

Before she realizes what is happening, the Commander lunges at her, knocking the chair out from under her. She slides to the floor as the Commander grabs her by the throat, causing her to retch. It would be comical under less dire circumstances.

"You have been an irritating thorn in my side. You run your mouth far too much, and your flirtations with Crux have been distracting. Your affair with the human has demonstrated that you are nothing more than a dimwitted whore," he hisses. He presses himself against Polaris, spitting in her face as he speaks. She wishes she could fall through the floor, out of his grip. "You are correct: you are not worth preserving. I should just kill you," he snarls as he glares into her eyes. 

"Then do it," Polaris croaks. The Commander looks surprised. Releasing her throat, he stands up and brushes himself off. He turns his back to her and sighs deeply.

"You make a salient point, Polaris. I have been quite invested in your case." Polaris shudders--he makes her skin crawl.

I could run, she thinks, Pyxis didn't lock the door. She quickly dismisses that idea, certain that Pyxis could catch her and rip her head off quite easily. Besides, her curiosity is nagging at her and common sense seems to have departed.

"You chose me for this assignment personally. Why? You've been charged with several  agents other than me, and I have it on good authority that they've gone missing."

"I thought you would be different," the Commander replies, almost wistfully, "As for your missing colleagues...let us just say that they failed  to uphold the principles of the Hegemony. Since we are being honest, I also have a question: Why throw away your entire mission in favor of a human? They're nothing but...insects. Mere pests." His tone is disgusted.

Polaris snorts. "Listen to this. You're such a cliché: 'blah blah, I'm so evolved. I must continue my evil alien mission to enslave lower life forms.' Humans have like a million movies that utilize your exact likeness as the antagonist. Spoiler: in the end, you die," she continues, "and to answer your question, humans are far more interesting than you."

"It would be in your best interest if you shut up, Polaris. I am in no mood to lose my temper again," he snaps, "I will reflect on your fate, but your resistance is damning. I am afraid that the outcome does not look good." He summons Pyxis back into the interrogation room. "Take her to Cell 3," the Commander orders.

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Pyxis leads her to her cell, past the fearless purple woman and the terrified creature. He pushes her into her cell and slams the barred door behind her. Polaris huddles against the wall and holds her head in her hands. There's no escape, she thinks, there's nothing I can do. For the first time in her life, she feels pathetic.


Though she doesn't realize it, Crux is only a few hundred yards away from where Polaris is caged. He has confined himself to his quarters, where he is been formulating a plan, one he intends to execute as soon as possible. He is so engrossed in his search, he fails to notices a woman teleport behind him.

"Greetings, Agent Crux," the woman says with a mile.

"Wh-who are you?" Crux stutters as he turns around.

"Call me Eni. We have a common friend, and thus a common interest. I've come to you for help, darling Crux," she replies with a smile.

"Help with what, exactly?" He stands up and crosses his arms protectively.

"I want to free Polly," she explains, "and I think you're just the man to help me."

"And why is that?"

"I know how extensive your surveillance of her is. Frankly, I was a bit disturbed by your seeming obsession with her--you constantly watch her!"

"Which is my job, Miss Eni," he dryly replies.

"Please, just Eni. I realized there was something more than voyeuristic fixation when you sent her that furniture and gem cutting machine, though I do not know why you would encourage her rebellion. "

"How do you know about that?" he demands.

"Because I have been watching you as much as you watch Polly. Which is how I know that you will help me. "


"I want you to aid in her escape. I know you are quite the genius, and I trust that you can easily devise a plan for her escape," Eni says, "in fact, I bet you have already devised a plan."

"Why do you not help her yourself?" He asks, genuinely curious.

"My hands are tied, and I'm afraid you have more resources at your disposal," she says vaguely, "You must move quickly, Crux. The Commander is unpredictable and quick-tempered, and Polly can be grating. Ciao!" As quickly as she came, Eni departs, disappearing into a beam of light.

Crux stands alone his quarters for a moment, deep in thought. "Well, curses," he mutters as he hurries out of the room.


Polaris has fallen asleep in her cell, though it is a fitful, tortured sleep. Her surroundings seep into her dreams, creating an awkward link between realty and her subconscious. She awakens with a jerk when she hears footsteps approaching her cell. She crawls to the bars and peeks out.

"Crux!" she exclaims, "what are you doing here?"

He kneels down so their eyes can meet. "I am here to release you, Polaris. We must get you to safety," he explains.

"Why? I mean, I'm grateful and all that, but I thought you were the Commander's lapdog."

"And I never thought you would mate with a human and get yourself caught, yet here we are," he crossly responds. She feels a familiar sting--guilt.

"I'm sorry, Cruxie," she pleads, "I know that must have hurt. I'm so sorry." she holds her hands out. He mimics her movement, pressing his palms on hers. It sparks one of Crux's fondest memories.


He remembers that day well: the soft warmth of the sun, the rustle of the wind through the leaves, the gurgle of a nearby waterfall. They're at one of the only untouched places on Alcyone. He remembers the way her hair falls freely down her back, and the happiness they both felt that day. They had just been chosen to work on the same mission--they were going to be together, at least for a few years. 

"This is against several regulations, Polaris," he reminds her, "we will be severely punished if caught."

"Then break up with me," Polaris dares him with a smile. He shakes his head vigorously in disagreement. 

"I am not suggesting we end our relationship. Rather, let us endeavor to evade detection," he suggests with a smile, "perhaps this display of intimacy should be private?"

"Oh, Crux. You're like a robot. You can use contractions, you know," she teases, grinning at him. She stares into his eyes, and the grin suddenly disappears. She sits up.

"Is something the matter?"

"Crux," she turns to him, and holds her hands up. He instinctively holds his up, too, and presses his palms against hers. "Crux, I don't want to live this life."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want to live in the Hegemony. I'm excited to go to Simnation, of course, but not at the behest of the Hegemony."

"That is treasonous talk, Polaris," he says.

"But it's the truth. Do you want to be a puppet your whole life?"

"No," he admits.

"Neither do I. But it's our fate," she laments, "And I can't change that."

"Yes you can, Polaris," Crux replies, "I will help you. I promise, one day we will be able to live without fear." He desperately wants to make her happy.

"I love you," Polaris blurts it out, "I love you." He is quiet for a moment. She looks at him, pleadingly.

"Must I say it?" he asks, embarrassed. She glares at him. "I love you, too," he mutters.

She leans forward to kiss him...


Crux shakes his head, trying to expel the memory from his mind. "What is it, Crux?" Polaris asks. 

"Nothing. We must leave for the transport room immediately. I have disconnected the surveillance cameras, but that does not mean we should loiter. " He opens the cell and leads her down the corridor. She glances at the other prisoners as they pass by.

"Shouldn't we help them?" Polaris hesitantly asks.

"No. We cannot risk it," Crux states.

They reach the transport room without incident. Crux leans over a computer and begins typing. "I have been monitoring your bank account on my own time, Polaris. You have accrued a moderate amount of currency, so I am going to purchase a new home for you," he explains, "It should not be traceable by the Commander, but you will still be in Lucky Palms."

"Do I get a say in this? It's my money," she feels protective of what she's earned, "plus, I like my old house."

"It is for your safety. Your old home is bugged, and your communicator is being tracked. This new home will be in the center of town."

"Shouldn't I leave Lucky Palms? Go somewhere else?"

"Lucky Palms is the only town in Simnation within transportation limits without another Alcyonian agent. You will be safest there. I will try to dissuade the Commander from sending another agent, provided I do not get caught helping you."

"Why are you doing this for me?" Polaris asks, "you have no reason to help me. Especially after Luke." Crux feels anger wash over him at the mention of Luke, but he pushes the feelings away.

"Years ago, I promised I would help you, Polaris," he hesitantly reaches out and strokes her cheek. He can hardly feel anything through his gloves, but the gesture is comforting. "I intend to keep that promise. Now, it is important that you do not attempt to contact me. Do not try to contact anyone outside of Lucky Palms, for that matter."

"So we'll never see each other again?"

"You have Luke to keep you company," he  retorts. She winces. "Here is the address for your new home," Crux says as he scrawls some numbers on a paper.

"Wait," She draws him in for a hug. "Thank you, Crux. I'll never forget this. Stay safe." He nods solemnly as he breaks away from the hug.

"Prepare for teleportation," he says as he types at a computer. Polaris feels the familiar tingle of the teleportation beam. It's an odd comfort.


She is back in Lucky Palms. She is not quite sure how many days have passed since she was abducted--time seems to move differently between the two worlds--but it's dawn. The snow catches the rising sunlight. Polaris feels at peace, at least temporarily.

Very temporarily. I'll never see him again, she thinks, and he'll probably die for what he did. She suddenly feels nauseous. She leans over, and vomit spews from her mouth. It's probably just nerves, she thinks as she wipes her mouth. Strange, since she's never ill. Everything is going to be okay, she tells herself, it's a fresh start.


Author's Note: Okay, before I get started with my ridiculously long note, go listen to the song I just linked. Seriously, this song has been on my mind since I started this legacy. Also, it was featured in The Sims 2: Apartment Life, so it may sound familiar to some of you.

This is a big chapter for me. I have had this chapter planned since the beginning of the legacy (though of course some things have changed). I hope it answers some of the questions you all have asked, and I hope all of this made sense. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. I know I've been kind of coy in the comments, so I promise not to do that this time.

Hopefully, the events of this chapter will allow Polaris to live her life (and complete her generational rolls!). I'm a bit worried that this chapter was a bit grim or angsty, and that Polaris may not have displayed her normal inappropriate charm. I wanted to show her much more vulnerable side, and I hope that came through.I'm not quite sure this chapter is successful, but it should advance the legacy significantly.

Last note: you are observant, dear readers! Yes, Crux is the man from the dream. Polaris's dream from the first chapter stems from the memory in this chapter. Man, I was really hoping that reveal would come out of left-field, but I'm sure many of you knew this was coming.


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    1. Being a collector is actually extremely lucrative! I keep finding sun and moon stones, which sell for a lot at the elixir store.

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      Initially, Polaris and the Commander were supposed to be related. I threw that idea out the window this chapter. Sorry for mislead you!

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    2. It turns out that those claws (which come with SU) are available for both genders. I never noticed because I typically don't give accessories to my boy simmies. So I'm going to say that Crux trimmed his claws--I'll give him claws if he ever shows up again.

      I'm going to repeat what I said in my note: damn, you are observant!

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    1. That was actually what I was initially going to do--Polly was going to be the black sheep of her family. I realized, though, that that idea might not make sense since sex is outlawed and children are "test-tube babies." I figured that families wouldn't necessarily make sense (though perhaps I should have gone that right?)

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    1. Thank you! I was actually going to put off explaining the dream for awhile, but it was regularly being brought up in the comments and I felt like I was being a vicious tease.

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