Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ch 1.12: F*ck Honey; Use Violence

Crux fakes a yawn as he emerges from his room. “What is it, Lyra? You startled me awake.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we woke you,” Lyra scoffs. Crux blushes.

“We’re sorry to interrupt you and Polaris. I know you were enjoying yourselves,” Lily smiles, “but Lyra and I discovered something.”

“A big fucking problem,” Lyra clarifies, “we discovered a big fucking problem.”

“You keep using that word…”

“Seriously, Crux. This is some grave shit.”

“It involves Polaris. And you,” Lily says, “Would you please get her?”

Crux opens his bedroom door and beckons at Polaris to come out. “Sorry to wake you, Polaris. Lyra and Lily have something important to show us.” Lyra rolls her eyes. He’s not fooling anyone. Polaris emerges shyly, and Lyra gestures towards the table.

“Sit. I’ve got something to show you,” Lyra places a laptop in front of Polaris and opens a website: Seeking the Truth: Your Source for Alternate News in Simnation. She navigates to the forum, and opens two posts: “alien in the library???” and “alien anchor baby???”

“Read these. Both of you.”

Crux leans over Polaris’ shoulder and scowls as he reads “alien in the library???”

“A thing? I am not a thing; I am a man,” he frowns, “This is troubling. This naynay person appears to be obsessive.”

“Read the next one,” Lyra says.

Polaris’ head begins to spin as she reads the second thread. When she scrolls down to a picture of her youngest daughter, taken through a window, her heart nearly beats out of her chest. Repulsive. Abominations like that should be terminated. Her breath quickens as she reads.

“Repulsive….” she mutters to herself.

“How did you discover this?” Crux asks Lyra.

“One of my contacts in Bridgeport trolls these kinds of sites. He forwarded it to me this morning,” Lyra says, “What do you think, Crux? Could the Commander find out about this?”

“Eridanus? I think not. I worked with him for over a year, and he prefers cloak and daggers type surveillance,” Crux shrugs, “besides, I do not think he would frequent this type of website.”

“I don’t know. He’s got a real bee in his bonnet over Polaris,” Lyra insists, “and you, probably, since you helped her escape and killed his assassin. And me, since I also escaped and caused general mayhem. I guess what I’m saying is that he has a pretty big fucking incentive to find us, and the bastard is probably desperate.”

“Bee in his bonnet?”

“It means he’s obsessed with us, Crux,” Polaris snaps, “and it’s a stupid pun about my name.” She closes the laptop and holds her head in her hand. She feels unbelievably hot.

“Polaris, are you not feeling well?”

“That bastard put my daughter’s picture online and people are threatening her. So no, I’m not feeling well.”

“Did you read until the end? That thread will be deleted; it will be fine.”

“Nothing is ever gone from the internet. And they called you a thing, Crux, and Lily and Lyra ‘fugly-ass females.’ These people are crazy and angry—they just need pitchforks and torches. This is dangerous,” Polaris raises her voice, “I don’t understand how you can be so calm about this.”


“If you’re not going to do anything, I will,” Polaris shoots up and rushes to Crux’s room, grabbing her phone off the nightstand. She dials Luke’s number.

“Luke? It’s Polly. How are the kids?”

“Fine. We’re having a great time! Lulu’s really good at Bloodinator 9000…”

“So she’s safe? They’re all okay?”

“Of course. Polly, are you okay? You sound upset.”

“It’s just…who lives next door to you?”

“Um…I dunno. I think the house to my left is vacant, but the other one has some lady living in it.”

“Some lady? Have you ever talked to her?”

“No. What’s going on?”

“Luke, don’t freak out but someone posted a picture of Lulu on some weird website. They were making…they were making fun of her because of her condition. A friend showed it to me. The person who posted the picture said they lived near you.”

“Shit…” Luke is quiet for a moment, “that bitch…I’m going to---“

“—no, I’ll take care of this. You don’t want to scare the kids. Just…get some curtains. And don’t tell Lulu. It’ll upset her.”


As Polaris chats on the phone, Lyra sighs and sinks into her chair. “I was expecting a more immediate response,” she mumbles.

“What does fugly mean, Lyra?” Lily looks confused

“Fucking ugly.”

“Oh. I think you’re pretty, though. Not fugly at all,” Lily tilts her head and smiles.

“Right back at ya, kid,” Lyra grins.

“I found the woman who posted those pictures. She lives next door to Luke,” Polaris marches to the front door, “I’ll be back soon.”

Crux grabs her by the arm, “Polaris, where do you think you are going?”

“That bitch’s house. I’m going to find her, and I’m going to talk to her, or at the very least kill her.”

“Do not make such threats—you are being irrational.”

Polaris spins around. “What do you expect me to do, Crux? This person is creeping around, taking pictures of us, and she knows we’re not human. We’ve been making it so far with this stupid disease story, but it’s not going to last.”

“This is one paranoid conspiracy theorist. She is a fringe element. Only a handful of people will believe her.” He had a point.

“And what if the Commander finds this? It’s not like he’s been entirely predictable in the past.”

Crux frowns a little. He had run dozens of scenarios in his mind, but Eridanus discovering them via a conspiracy website was not one of them. “I highly doubt that will happen. Please, Polaris, do not go. We will figure out another way to address this issue.”

“They threatened my child! I have to find this woman and I have to get her to leave us alone.”

“Cooler heads prevail. I will not let you go and—“

“No! You don’t understand, Crux. I don’t expect you to understand” she pauses, “I can’t explain it. Instinct is telling me to confront this woman, to protect Luna.” She stares at him pleadingly.

“Yes,” Crux sighs, “I understand your desire to protect your offspring. But do not go alone. Lyra?” He turns to her.

“Hell yes I’ll go,” Lyra replies, perking up. It’s been awhile since she’s gotten to partake in some good old-fashioned violence.

“Please be careful, both of you. Try to avoid violent confrontation. And Polaris, you may want to change before you go.” Polaris looks down.

“Oh. Yeah.”

Lyra insists on driving. A tense silence smothers them until Polaris finally speaks.

“So what’s the plan for when we get there?”

“Fuck that bitch up,” Lyra responds. Polaris raises her eyebrow.

“Seriously? Crux might have a point—we probably shouldn’t plan on beating her or killing her or anything.” Polaris didn’t want to risk drawing the interest of local police officers.

“Whatever,” Lyra rolls her eyes.

“You catch more flies with honey—“

“Fuck honey; use violence,” Lyra smirks.

“Just humor me, okay?” Polaris mentally adds “bitch” to the end of the sentence.


Naomi shivers as she walks around the back of her home. She has been staring at her neighbor’s house, trying to catch another peek at the strange blue girl. She would like more proof, something she could show to everyone on the forums to prove that she’s right: aliens are here. Her mind it so occupied, she doesn’t notice strangers approaching. She squeals as she rounds the corner to the front door.

“Hey, there she is!” Lyra points at the woman, “are you ‘naynay’?”

“N-n-n-naynay? Yes, that’s what my friends call me,” the woman stutters, “N-n-n-naomi. That’s my real name.”

“Well hello N-n-n-naomi. Here’s what going to happen,” Lyra growls, “you’re going to let us inside and we’re going to talk.” She looks pointedly at Polaris.

“Al-al-al-alien—“ Naomi continues stuttering.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s get inside, lady,” Polaris says. She forces open the front door, and Lyra shoves Naomi inside. Naomi stumbles and spins around, holding her hands up defensively.

“P-p-p-please don’t hurt me!” Naomi pleads, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Don’t vivisect me!”

“Vivisect you? What the fuck are you talking about? I’m here about that stupid forum. What’s you’re fucking problem, taking a picture of a kid and putting it online?” Polaris demands.


“She’s a kid, you monster! You took a picture of my daughter and posted it online!” Naomi squints at Polaris—there’s a definite resemblance.

“You’re invading! Breeding! I have to warn others,” Naomi insists, “I have to warn them before the apocalypse. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I’m right!”

“We’re not aliens! We just have a disease,” Polaris doesn’t even believe the words leaving her mouth.

“No, no, no, I’m a scientist A SCIENTIST. There is no disease,” Naomi is feeling braver, “no disease that makes people blue or purple. I knew this day was coming.”

“You’re insane. No one is invading, you nut.” At least not currently.

“This is going to take fucking forever,” Lyra scoffs, “she’s a goddamn loon.” She pushes Polaris out of the way and violently shoves Naomi against the wall, jamming her forearm again her neck. Naomi’s head bounces off the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Polaris screams. She had been exaggerating when she threatened violence earlier; truth be told, she didn’t really have a plan for dealing with Naomi.

“I’m speeding things up,” Lyra replies, “Okay, N-n-n-naomi, listen up: you’re going to stop taking fucking pictures of us and posting them on that bastion of insanity. If you see a weird looking person, you’re just going to mind your own fucking business.” She pushes her arm into Naomi’s neck, causing her to gag a little. “If you post anything again, I will snap your fucking neck. Do you understand?”

Naomi whimpers.

“Don’t hurt her too much, Lyra,” Polaris begs, “Or at least don’t kill her. I don’t know how to dispose of a body.”

“Stop backseat-menacing,” Lyra turns to Polaris with a sneer; Naomi senses momentary weakness and lurches forward, sucker-punching Lyra square in the jaw. Lyra, taken by surprise, reels back.

“Get away, you freak,” Naomi screeches. She turns and begins running towards her living room, her bare feet pounding against the wood floor.

“Lyra, she’s going for the phone!” Polaris points to the living room.

“I see her,” Lyra roars, “get back here, you bitch!”

Naomi vaults over the couch, tumbling it over. Lyra leaps over it and tackles Naomi, pinning her to the ground. Naomi wiggles under her, trying to face her attacker. Lyra punches her in the face full-force.

“Doesn’t feel very fucking nice, does it?” She draws her arm back and strikes Naomi again.

“Lyra, stop! Fuck me, we’re going to end up killing her…” Polaris panics. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Polaris has seen enough true-crime shows to know this was going to end poorly for all of them.

“She sucker-punched me,” Lyra growls, wrapping her fingers around Naomi’s neck, “she’s getting what she deserves.” Naomi claws at the air, reaching for Lyra’s neck. Lyra presses on Naomi’s throat, squeezing the air out of her.

“Agent Lyra, I order you to stop!” Polaris musters up her most authoritative voice, “release her, on the orders of the, erm, Alcyonian…Empire.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Lyra loosens her grip on Naomi’s neck. Polaris gives her a strained look.

“You heard me, agent. I am commanding you to let her go!”

“Yes ma’am,” Lyra says sarcastically. She rolls off of Naomi and crouches next to her. Naomi begins coughing and heaving.

“This human has discovered us. She is obviously more intelligent than average. I would like to observe her,” Polaris tries to channel her inner Commander, “I believe we should let her live.”

“Seriously, Pol—umm, Commander,” Lyra rolls her eyes, “If she’s smarter than the normal human and she’s discovered us, I’m thinking we should silence her, permanent-style.”

“No, agent! This human is much smarter than most. She has seen through our guises to our true, nefarious selves. We should observe her, since she is obviously the pinnacle of her species. And since we will be observing her, we will know if she begins following or photographing us again.” She feels like it might be necessary to throw in an over the top wink.

“Okay, I got you, Commander. Looks like you got lucky little human. Say,” Lyra pauses for effect, “what happens if she doesn’t comply?” Naomi looks at Polaris in fear.

“Then we vivisect her,” Polaris says coldly. Naomi gasps.

“No, no, I’ll comply, I’ll comply! I won’t post any more pictures or follow anyone or anything! Please don’t vivisect me,” Naomi begs.

“Make sure you do comply, human, for your own sake,” Polaris feels a little guilty manipulating an obviously ill woman, but it’s for the good of her family, “Let us take leave, agent.”

“Watch your fucking back,” Lyra warns as they depart.

Outside, the two women turn to each other and laugh.

“Holy shit, I cannot believe that worked,” Lyra cackles, “I thought we were going to have to snuff her.”

“She’s sick,” Polaris says, “I feel bad. We probably scared her more than we should have.”

“I can be a real hothead sometimes. I get carried away,” Lyra admits.

“Well I was there to back you up. We make a good team,” Polaris smiles. They high-five, proud of what they accomplished.


Author’s Note: Polaris and Lyra are a horrible team! If Crux had gone with them, the problem would have been solved so easily. Goodness, this chapter had the potential to be very dark. There was a moment where I though my founder would become an accessory to murder. Lyra is such a bad influence on Polly.

Naomi is a premade sim from Lucky Palms that I made over. Her bio describes her as a prepper, so I thought it would be fun to make her a conspiracy theorist.


  1. Oh dear, those two really do make a bad team. I think their previous team-ups are better, Polly and Crux and Lyra with Lily to balance them out. Hopefully Crux doesn't find out or he'll probably give them an earful.

    Hopefully, though, that bit of violence solved things as far as the conspiracy theory is concerned. Although nothing really does ever leave the internet and Naomi might have started something that isn't so easily stopped... >>

    1. Polly and Crux are the perfect team; even Crux and Lyra are a good team (+Lily, of course). I'm hoping Crux will be understanding, though I'm not quite sure he'll get the whole story.

      Violence solves everything! Or at least that's why they seem to think. ^^;;

  2. Oy. Wow. Was Lyra right to be upset and make sure Crux was just as upset? Sure. But beating the stew out of that stammering fool had a huge chance of backfiring. And what would they have done had it backfired? Yikes. You're quite right, Crux with his cooler head most likely would have handled that a lot better. Poor Crux.

    Also, Polly was quite right that the 'disease' story won't hold forever. So what will they do next? They can't live in fear of idiots like naynay/Naomi forever.

    1. I think someone commented about not trusting Lyra the first time she showed up--this is really a reason to distrust her. Lyra is very shortsighted! Unfortunately Crux cannot solve all the problems because then there'd be no drama. ;)

      So far, all the sims who have bought the disease story (namely Luke) are kind of dumb. Luckily for Polly and friends, most sims are dumb. :p

  3. What actually is vivisecting?
    I like Lyra, she's my favourite :3 She's feisty! But I honestly think Crux would have been better in this situation. Lyra, as awesome as she is, wasn't too good at handling the situation with Naomi.

    I do wonder how Crux and Lily will react to the almost murder that happened there...

    1. Vivisecting is dissecting someone/something while they're still alive. It's gruesome. :c

      Lyra is super fun to write! She's definitely fun; she's just dangerously brash too. Lyra approaches ever problem with a hammer.

      Yeah, their reaction probably wouldn't/won't be pleasant...

  4. Lyra and Polaris :D What a team! I'm also wondering about what vivisecting is?
    It's not like they actually killed the woman, so no need telling the rest of them right? :D
    Ofcourse, if naynay suddenly turns silent after posting evidence of aliens, what will the rest of that online community do? Nothing dissapears from internet and most people aren't actually hidden either.

    1. They are such a crazy duo! Vivisecting is cutting something/someone open while they're still alive.

      I think you have a point--if Crux and Lily don't find out, it's not going to hurt them, is it? And you make an excellent point about the online community. How will they react to naynay becoming quiet?...

  5. Oh dear, I hope that visit to naynay doesn't come back to haunt them! Lyra and Polly are quite scary together aren't they? I don't think they should go on missions together in the future...

    1. They definitely should not be paired up again! They're so dangerous together. But the naynay problem is *totally* solved...right?

  6. First off, "He’s got a real bee in his bonnet over Polaris" -- lol at that line :)

    I was all on edge and scared like, the whole way though, until Polly uses that big brain of hers and comes up with the commander stuff. Brilliant! Loved it!

    So, they've silenced naynay, but she won't be the only one to notice three pink and two green aliens running around town, so they'll have to think of something. Luke must be pretty stupid to have not sussed it out, considering how naive Polly was when they first met as well.

    What will they do now? They need to think of something because this may be the first time, but it certainly won't be the last...

    1. Haha, I thought of you when I wrote that! You appreciate my cheesiness.

      Thank you! I love the idea of Polly acting like the Commander. It was also the only way I could think of to keep Lyra from killing poor Naomi.

      Luke is really, incredibly stupid. I think I even gave him the absent-minded trait. Poor guy. Maybe all the other sims in Lucky Palms are equally stupid?

      I am so optimistic that our alien friends will never encounter any other problems re: their appearance. ;)

  7. Ha!! They sure do make quite a team. For a split moment I thought Naomi was a werewolf because of her eyes, but on second look they weren't actually glowing. Since she was a scientist I thought the twist would be she genetically altered herself to be wolf and she ends up attacking them. Then the commander appears lol. That would not have ended well at all. My mind just goes off the deep end sometimes.

    Anywho...I like Lyra, she reminds me of someone. ;) She seems to stay in kick ass mode. That whole scene was great and then Polaris goes commander mode which was excellent.

    All of this could have been prevented if Luke just put some damn curtains up in the first place! The curtains man! LOL jokes. Great chapter as always.

    1. Oh wow! It would have been so cool if Naomi was a werewolf. Her eyes were a pretty orange, so I just left them that way. Man, I wish I had thought of that werewolf idea. :/

      Lyra is definitely reminiscent of someone, isn't she. ;) She's always ready to brawl.

      Yes, Luke is the root of all evil! He's the reason most of the things in this legacy have happened (Polly getting in trouble, the ~drama~ between Crux and Polly, Crux going AWOL, the triplets...). That man is more trouble than he's worth.

      Thanks! :D <3

  8. Oh no, I really don't like Lyra at all! And I feel bad for all the sims of Simnation. The Alcyonians all seem to have a superiority complex, don't they? Even though Naomi should never have posted that picture, I still feel really bad for her. I hope Crux can have more a calming influence on both Polly and Naomi! He also needs to realize that not all humans are of 'inferior intelligence'. lol. How rude.

    1. Calming influence on Lyra, not Naomi. lol! Also, I'm all caught up, yay! :D

    2. But Lyra is so lovably violent! They really do have a superiority complex--but I guess that happens if they hear their better than other species their whole lives. I feel bad for Naomi, too, especially since she's obviously not right. Aww, Crux. He is kind rude, isn't he?

      Thanks for reading! :D <3

  9. Crux trying to pretend nothing was going on made me smile. Silly man.

    “Hell yes I’ll go,” -- violent aliens to the rescue! Though I do think cooler heads would prevail better perhaps. Maybe they could all use a change of scenery and just get the heck of Dodge. Though I suppose this would probably happen elsewhere as well. And Polly can't be faulted for wanting to protect her children.

    “Then we vivisect her,” ---lmaooooooooo! Go Polly! Perhaps pretending the truth will indeed put the fear of Twallan into this silly human.

    1. I've actually thought about moving them somewhere else, since that would be logical but I looove Lucky Palsm (and so do my characters, by extension). Polly's motivations make so much more sense than Lyra's; Lyra is ultimately just a little cray cray.

  10. The 'alien anchor baby' cracked me up so hard! Excellent chapter.