Monday, June 9, 2014

"Seeking the Truth" Private Messages

He settles onto the cold floor of his bedroom and opens his laptop. It was a present, of course. A respectable man wouldn’t purchase a pink laptop, but he’s not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.  The laptop whirrs to life, the bright screen illuminating the dim room. He mindlessly cycles through all of his usual websites—Simnation news, Simbook, Know Your Simeme—before opening up the Seeking the Truth Wiki: “Your Home for Conspiracies and Apocalypse Preparedness.” He becomes so engrossed in the article of the day (“The Zombie Apocalypse and You”) that he jumps when an IM window pops up on his screen.

naynay: hey...
cottoneyed: holy crap, where have you been, Naomi? I’ve been worried sick. It’s been forever!
naynay: I’ve been busy. ...
cottoneyed: Busy?
naynay has gone idle.
cottoneyed: Naomi, answer me? What do you mean, busy?
naynay is no longer idle.
cottoneyed: Naomi?
naynay has gone idle.
cottoneyed: This is bullshit. I f*cking love you. You can’t ignore me like this.
naynay is no longer idle.
naynay: they came to my house...
cottoneyed: who?? Who came you your house??
naynay: aliens...
cottoneyed: You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you okay?
naynay: i am now....
naynay has sent an attachment:

naynay: that was right after they came.
cottoneyed: Shit. I’ll track those bastards down, skin ‘em alive.
naynay: they’re long gone...
naynay: they came here months ago...i’ve just been too scared to contact anyone...
naynay: they said if I posted on the forums again, they’d lobotomize me...
cottoneyed: Are you okay?
naynay: hunter I’m really scared...
cottoneyed: Do you want me to go to LP?
cottoneyed: I can take care of them. Shit, I bet I can talk to some of the people from the forum. Some of the preppers,* and I keep in contact with them pretty regularly.
naynay: who have you been talking to?
cottoneyed: Well, scowl_face finally got f*cking banned for harassment, but like she’d be any help. Greys is just a kid, so he can’t help, either, though he wants to. But I’ve been in contact with Ptolemy and Skully. They seem smart. I think I can trust them. The rest are sheeple.
naynay: and you can come to LP?
cottoneyed: I’ll be there tomorrow if you need me to.
naynay: could you please? I’d feel so much better if you were here...
naynay: I love you...
cottoneyed: I love you, too. I’ll get my GO bag together. Stay where you are. Do you have a BOL planned?*
naynay: yeah, there’s a warehouse on the outskirts of town....we can go there and not be bothered...unless they already know about it....
naynay: they know everything hunter...i’m so worried...
cottoneyed: Do they know about me?
naynay: they didn’t mention you...
cottoneyed: Then they don’t know everything. I’ll be there by 0500.
naynay: you’re the best….stay safe!!!
cottoneyed: I always do.
cottoneyed has signed off.
Author’s Note: Surely you hadn’t forgotten about our dear friend naynay (aka Naomi Nita) from Chapter 12? And cottoneyed from the “Seeking the Truth” forum posts? Good. :D

*Preppers: a survivalist or prepared individual; GO Bag: a preparation bag, “go bag” or “bug out bag”; BOL, "bug out location."


  1. I haven't forgotten about them, but was honestly hoping you had! So they are preppers then, not just trolls and freaks. Hoping that they're not like most preppers you see on tv is probably pointless, right? They're the "hoping for apocalypse so I can shoot people"... or aliens in this case ;)

    1. I don't think I've forgotten about anyone yet--even sims who have shown up in only a single chapter are capable of coming back in my legacy (excluding those who have died, of course). naynay and cottoneyed are absolutely the crazy kind of preppers. Some preppers I have met are totally normal people who just really, really prepare for any sort of disaster. These guys are indeed "hoping for apocalypse so I can shoot people."

  2. After learning what a prepper is, I can guarantee that I am far from one. Very far from one.
    I'm irritated by the fact that naynay is using so many ellipses. However, people tend to overuse that a lot, and I can kinda see why she's putting so many.

    I feel as if their conversation will have some bad impact, and based on Polly is supposed to be a single parent... Oh God, please don't be all too mean if you do kill Cruxie. (I know! Its horrible to think! My mind runs off and makes up bizarre endings!) but he should be easily able to take them on. Macho Crux xD He and Polly should kick some non-alien butt.
    That's a very nice selfie of naynay though.

    1. I made her overuse ellipses because that drives me insane. I HATE IT. I wanted her to be irritating so I guess I succeeded. :p

      The idea of Cruxie dying makes me sad. :C Damn, I really shouldn't have put my rolls up because now everyone is thinking horrible things. They definitely could kick some non-alien butt!

      Thanks! I was trying to make it instagram-worthy. XD

  3. Uh oh, this sounds like trouble!

    I don't know that'd I call myself a prepper, but given a little warning I could have a good stab at survivalist stuff - I know how to camp, make a shelter, light fires, cook on a fire etc...

    1. Maybe a little.

      You are way more prepared than me! I don't know how to do any of that. ^^;; I don't even have any first-aid stuff in my house. I'd be screwed if something happened.

    2. I do have a bit of an advantage when it comes to that sort of thing to be fair, I'm a cub scout leader and kind of required to know these things :-)

  4. Oh no, not Hunter Cottoneye coming to Naynay's 'rescue!' Oh bother. Gosh, he almost seems like he's on a farther end of the 'obsessed' spectrum than Naomi is though. I'm betting this prompts a move on someone's part. ;)

    Take away my a/c and I might as well go play in traffic for all the good I could do the world. My plan is to find a survivalist and latch on! Ha! I can build a decent tipi though. lololol

    One of my husbands former bosses did this thing where he would put an ellipsis immediately followed by an exclamation point. (e.g. New High School Opens...!) The biggest problem there is he was the editor of the newspaper (hubs now has his job) and used that in headlines and even in text. It was incredibly embarrassing.

    1. Hey, he's playing knight in shining armor for Naynay, just like Crux did for Polaris! If this legacy was focused on her, everybody would love Hunter. ;) But you're right, he may be a little obsessed and this may prompt a movie.

      I would also be useless in any sort of large emergency situation. I can knit and crochet, so maybe I could find a niche with all the other hipsters if this were some sort of barter society, but otherwise I'd be screwed. I also think I'd be one of the first people to be infected during the zombie apocalypse. XD

      Ugh, that's obnoxious! I don't understand people who abuse ellipses (though I abuse my fair share of words and punctuation marks).

  5. Oh dear, this doesn't sound good. I somehow doubt the Bees are going to make it to their new home before this hero shows up. Polly was able to handle it last time, but this time I've a feeling her hands are going to be pretty full. And Crux has a huge reason to be more protective now...hmmm...

    1. This is definitely very ominous, isn't it? And I haven't finished my SV revamp, so that's a safe bet, haha.

      There are a lot of factors that could make this dangerous...

      Thanks for reading! :D

  6. Oh no. This is bad news. Especially with the new twins. :o

    Perhaps they will be better off in the new town, after all. I was skeptic because Lyra liked it. Ugh.

    1. Definitely bad news! Lyra liking it is cause for concern, though (maybe).