Friday, November 13, 2015

Ch. 2.3: Steal Away

Previously, on The Bee Random Legacy--
Nova has left the nest (the hive?) and struck out on her own. Thus far it has been exciting for her: she has launched a career as an acrobat, signed a contract with a vampire (Gaius Gallus) to work in a burlesque show, clobbered a mugger, and met up with Mercury, a mysterious man from her past. Despite her zeal for life, she has been struggling financially and has felt lonely and isolated.

Last time we left our heroine, she had awoken to a mysterious noise coming from the first floor of her apartment…

Nova wishes she had a baseball bat. That’d be very handy right now.  She’s pretty sure she could take her intruder’s head right off with enough force.

 She takes a deep breath before descending the stairs. She’s careful to walk slowly and deliberately in the hopes of sneaking up on her intruder.  She sneaks halfway across the living room before she stops in her tracks.