Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ch. 1.20: Rawr

“Don’t go too far, Nova!” Solaris calls after his sister, “stay in eyesight!”

“Whaaaa---?! I can’t hear you!” Nova howls into the wind. It’s a total lie, but she ain’t gonna let no punk-ass brother get in the way of her fun. She stares ahead, her gaze fixed on a secluded beach on the horizon. Adventure awaits.

“Aww, she’ll be fine,” Elysia mutters. She delights in the warm weather as she reclines on an inflatable raft. The waves gently rock her, lulling her into a half-sleep. Sometimes she misses Lucky Palms, but she understands why her mom was hell-bent on moving after Crux--after that-thing-they-don’t-talk-about. “She’s just a little adventurous.”

“That’s what worries me,” he scowls. Solaris almost single-handedly raised the twins, which left him with a sort of paternal instinct. After that-thing-they-don’t-talk-about, his mom was inconsolable and practically catatonic. Luna and Elysia began to struggle with school, so taking care of the twins fell to Solaris. He feels a biological imperative that urges him to make sure his sister isn’t ripped asunder by sharks.

“You’re such a worry-wart. You need to relax for once, pull that stick out of your ass.”

Solaris sinks into the water and glares at Elysia. He briefly considers flipping her raft over and dumping her into the ocean. Maybe a current would carry her away.

“I’m going to go work on my tan,” Elysia suddenly announces as she slides off the raft and paddles back to the shore. Solaris’ plans have been thwarted.

While their siblings enjoy the water, Luna and Zenith play catch. Unlike his twin sister, Zenith is not a very strong swimmer, and he's not at all daring. He’s content just hang with big sis. Luna reminds him a lot of his mom, except Luna doesn’t seem sad when she looks at him.

Zenith asked why once: “why is mom always sad? Especially when I’m around?” Luna said it was because he looks like his dad. Zenith didn’t understand why that was such a bad thing. He asked what happened to his dad and was met with steely silence. So he doesn’t ask about him anymore.

“They’re organizing an ultimate Frisbee league,” Luna says casually.

“Who is?”

“Just some people at school. We’d like, play competitively or something.”

“Sounds weird,” Zenith frowns. Why compete over something like Frisbee? Strange.

“I’m thinking of joining. Would you want to?”

“No—but you’d be really good at it.”

“It’s no fun if I don’t have a little brother to boss around.”

“Oh…well, I can stand by the sidelines and you can boss me around about getting water or whatever!”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Nova hates how the wind whips her hair around. It gets in the way, and she swears it weighs as much as her, but her mom won’t let her cut it. Maybe she’ll wait till nightfall one night and shave all her hair off while the house sleeps…

When she reaches the beach, Nova tosses her board aside and stretches a little. She’s always wanted to explore by herself, but Solaris, the perennial party-pooper, usually foils her plans. Whenever she’d beg to go on an adventure, he’d counter with, “But what about sharks? They’d gobble you up!” Well poo on you, she thinks as she jumps into the water.

Nova has a plan for dealing with shark attacks: first, she’d use sim-fu to punch the offending shark in the nose. Wah-cha! Then she’d swiftly swim around it and grab its tail and then pull it backwards. She read that it’s possible to drown a shark that way. Point is, she’s not concerned about stupid sharks. They’re just overgrown fish. She eats fish for dinner.

Besides, she’s meaner than a shark. Rawr.

“Hey,” Elysia glances at the water as she flips over, “Hey, I can’t see Nova.”

“She went around to that beach I’m always telling her not to go to,” Solaris rolls his eyes.

“So you’re not gonna…?”

“I’m building a sandcastle.”


“She’ll be fine,” Solaris tries to resign himself to the fact that Nova will do as she pleases. He has to let go sometime.

“I’m going to tell."

“No you won’t,” Solaris throws some sand at her. Hey, this is kind of fun!


Polaris inhales deeply as she strolls into the community garden. It’s her new favorite place in Sunset Valley because despite being in the center of town, it’s calm. She comes every day and harvests fruits and veggies to plant in her own garden. It’s relaxing work.

Life had been uneventful since moving. Polaris can’t tell if she’s falling into some boring routine, or if it’s the calm before a storm.  Lyra and Lily also moved to Sunset Valley, and Luke tagged along so at least she has a posse. She could count on them--they are bound together in conspiracy.

Recently, Lyra had been calling Polaris and asking her if she knew anything about “Lily and that stupid human you fucked.” She swore that Lily was hiding something from her, and it had to be “that mohawked retard—what, is he hung like a horse or something? I swear, Polly, he’s fucking useless. I don’t understand why everyone’s so obsessed with him.”

Lyra is being dramatic. There’s no way Luke would become involved with someone as…strange as Lily. No offense to her friends, but Polaris figures after everything, Luke would go after someone a little more normative. 


Their home had a name—“Mango Cottage.” The kids thought it was really nifty. They didn’t have to give out their address. They could just tell friends, “Oh yeah, we live at Mango Cottage. Have you heard of it? Yeah, that’s the place across the street from the beach. No big deal.”

“Where the heck is it,” Nova mutters as she digs through the costume chest. It was second-hand—Polaris had found it at a thrift shop—so a lot of the costumes are torn or stained. “Aha! Found it!”

“Why do I have to be the princess?” Zenith halfheartedly practices a princess wave.

“Because I wanna be the dinosaur,” Nova states as she slips off her dress and wiggles into the costume, “Don’t look you pervy princess!”

“I wasn’t looking…”

“Liar,” Nova glares. She can’t wait until Elysia and Luna move out. Then she can have their room, and she won’t have to share with her icky brother. If all three triplets move out, maybe she’ll take over the entire second floor.

“I think you should be the princess,” Zenith insists, “I mean, you’re the girl.”

“The mighty Novasaurus Rex does not recognize your narrow-minded gender roles! RAWR!”

“But I look stupid in a dress.”

“You always look stupid. Rawr.”

“That’s mean--“

“SILENCE,” Nova roars. She grabs a nearby pillow and whacks her brother in the face with it, “Your insolence will not be tolerated, human!”

“Oww! We’re not human,” Zenith counters, “Mom says so!”

“Who is this ‘mom’? Novasaurus knows of no such being!”

“Nova, stop!” She smacks him in the face again. The otherwise peaceful Zenith has no choice—he locates a pillow and engages with the enemy.

After an intense battle, Nova prevails. As per the previously established Pillow Fight Clause in the Twin Treaty, she gets to choose the next activity. “Tag,” she orders, “You shall run, Princess Zenith, and I shall give chase. RAWR!”

Princess Zenith squeals and runs into the living room and through the dining room, knocking over any furniture that happens to be in his path.

“Do you believe there’s such a thing as justifiable homicide,” Luna wonders aloud.

“Not funny, Lulu,” Solaris says.

“I know…” She stares at her homework for a few moments before sighing loudly. “Ugh, when the hell am I ever going to need to use differential calculus?”

“When are you going to need to use it?”

“Yeah, like who the hell needs to know this?”

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it,” he smiles, “Anyhoo, I’m done. Holler if you need anything.”

“20 simoleons if you do my homework for me.”

“Nooooope, no can do, padawan.”

Luna huffs. This is bullshit. At least the twins have quieted down.

“HUMAN!” Luna jumps a little—she hadn’t noticed Nova sneak up next to her, “The one who calls herself ‘mother’ has reminded me that I have homework to do. I shall require your help as Novasauruses are not savvy when it comes to mathematics.”

“Nova, we’re not human” Luna reminds her. Surprisingly, that was the one thing her mother was okay with them discussing. Crux—nope. Elysia—nuh-uh. Polaris’s clown-car uterus—no way. But embracing their heritage became important to Polaris. They didn’t talk about it outside of the house, but no one in town seemed to even care about the weirdoes living in Mango Cottage. No one teased Luna or the twins. In fact, no one ever even brought up their….skin condition.

“Inconsequential. Now tell me, humanoid: what is 3675 times 16?”

“What am I, a calculator?”

“I can’t work it with my gloves on…”

“Ugh. SOLARIS! The brat needs your help,” Luna calls out. She has her own work to do.

“I’m going to ignore that,” Solaris decides as he pulls a book off the shelf. Crux—erm, that guy—left a bunch of novels at Lyra’s house. She had no need for them, so she gave them to Solaris. 

“Meow,” Halloween says. Solaris had found Halloween right outside their back door a few days before they left Lucky Palms. Solaris was taken in by Halloween’s dichromatic eyes and aloof personality, while Halloween appreciated the free food.

“Go get washed up,” Polaris orders as she taste-tests dinner, “and change out of those costumes. I ain’t feeding any dinosaurs or gender-bending royalty. Though, if that’s what you decide you want, Zenith, I’ll support you.”

“Nova made me dress this way.”

“I’m a Novasaurus! Not a stupid dinosaur. And I know not of this Nova you speak.”

“Go. Now.”

“This is species-ist,” Nova roars as she stomps away, “Rawr! I will not stand for this!”

Nova quickly changes and skips out to the dining room. She puts on her best nonchalant face. “Oh hey, mom! I thought I heard roaring. Was Novasaurus just here? Weird how I always miss her.”

“Hmm, yes. Weird indeed.”

Nova hops into her chair. Mac and cheese! Her favorite.

“So what did you do today?” Polaris wants desperately to get to know how youngest children better. She knows she’s been ignoring them.

“Well, I went windsurfing…”


“And I found a beach….”


“And I swam with a shark…”

Solaris chokes on his food.

“What? Solaris, you were supposed to be taking care of her.”

“Oh, he did, mommy, but I’m slippery, like the wily shark.”

“Nova, I told you not to leave my sight!” Solaris regains his breath.


“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“…I didn’t listen.”


“It was fun?”

“Mom,” Solaris turns to Polaris and looks at her pleadingly, “aren’t you going to do anything?”

Polaris is quiet for a moment. “What is there to do? She’s fine. We can be thankful for that.”

“Mom, she can’t keep getting away with stuff like this! And why is it my job to be the disciplinarian? Last I checked, you were the adult.”

“I want a bedtime story,” Zenith interjects. Nova glares at him. Things were just getting interesting and Zenith had to go and ruin it.

“Go pick one out,” Solaris sighs, “I’ll be right there.”

Nova thinks bedtime stories are for babies. And Zenith is definitely a baby. He picked out a story about a stupid duck—ugh.

It’d be nice if someone read a bedtime story to her. But she’d never asked, but no one had ever offered, either.

Whatever. Zenith needs a bedtime story because he’s afraid of everything, and the stupid baby stories help him sleep. Nova isn’t afraid of anything. Except maybe monsters under the bed. Every night, she checks, but she hasn’t seen one thus far.

But there’s a first time for everything. Nova swears that smoke begins to billow out from under her bed as a monster hand reaches out and claws at her. She sprints out of the room, abandoning her brother. "Take him instead," she calls over her shoulder.

She’s doesn’t need a bed. She can sleep on the couch—that’s way tougher, anyway. Besides, sometimes the light from the lighthouse illuminates the room a little, so it’ll scare away any monsters. It’s a tactical decision, not a cowardly decision. At least that’s what she tells herself.


Author’s note: I still feel really bad about my last chapter. I'm sorry. :c

Anyway, gameplay notes:
1) Halloween is great. He just kind of hangs around and bothers Solaris. They're best friends. Here they are watching television:

2) Solaris really did do a lot to raise the twins. He taught them most of their skills. Luna helped, too. Polaris was a great mom with the triplets, but she seemed uninterested in the twins.

3) I had a whole goodbye scene planed with Luna and Quentin, as well as another scene with Lyra and Naomi. However, my game wouldn't behave and I got sick of trying to pose things. SO WHATEVER. Luna had her first kiss with Quentin, if anyone's interested. Maybe he’ll move to Sunset Valley at some point.

4) Before leaving Lucky Palms, the triplets went to a dance where Solaris was named king. He doesn't have any friends other than his sisters, his mom, and the cat, so I was very surprised.

5) I was heartbroken to learn that the lead female character in the movie Sharknado is named Nova. Not really a gameplay note, but I felt the need to mention it in case any of you have seen that horrible, horrible movie.


  1. Yeah, I still can't get over Cruxie. But I love Nova! She reminds me of my little brother, he is crazy and wants to try everything too!

    1. I feel like I need to have a memorial or something for Cruxie. :C I'm glad you like Nova! I like crazy adventurous kids. :) Thank you for reading! :D

  2. I like all the different personalities. I can see Nova getting a little irritating though. Granted, she's a kid. Hopefully she'll grow out of it.

    I'm really jealous of your Sunset Valley overhaul and not much of it has been shown.

    I really hope Quentin shows up at some point. Gets relocated for work out something... I can dream.

    1. Yeah, I want Quentin in the story too. And more of the new Sunset Valley. Based on what I saw in the unfinished version, it can compare with some of the official EA-made towns. More pictures of the town! Now! ;-D

    2. Oh Nova can definitely get irritating! Most kids can, though. I hope she grows out of it, too.

      Thank you! I'll try to show more pictures of the town soon. I've actually already encountered some issues (terrain painting, mostly) but maybe at some point when I fix it up I'll put it for download. The town is mostly empty in term of residential properties (I figured I'd build as I go), and I used a lot of houses made by other people, so I need to check their TOU and make sure it's okay to upload my world with their lots.

      I just might steal that idea of Quentin relocating because of work. I liked him, and Luna deserves love.

      Thanks! :D

    3. "Oh. Hey Luna. I didn't know you were in this town. Fancy that. I love you. I mean... Nice to see you..."

      If you managed to put the town up for download, I would be so happy.

  3. Sharknado? So, a tornado with sharks flying around? What kind of movie is that?! (Joking, I've never heard of it xD)

    I love Nova/Novasaurus, I think she or Luna is my favourite. What can I say? I like the ones that look like Polly do.

    Its gotta be hard for Polly to cope without he who shall not be named (Not Voldy, just to clarify) but she has to try and be there for the triplets more. It isn't fair on Solaris to care for them on his own :(

    Yes, Lily is hiding something because your SP stirred something up. Gotta love it sometimes, right?

    1. Sharknado is a made-for-TV movie that is about a tornado with sharks in it (seriously, your joke was right!). The sharks like fly out of the tornado and attack people. It is really, really bad. I like bad movies, but this was just bad-bad, not good-bad.

      I'm also fond of the ones that look like Polly! Nova will probably be heir. I like the triplets, but I'd rather use Crux's genes than Luke's, and Zenith came out looking kind of weird.

      Haha, I thought of Voldy when I was writing this. At the risk of sounding mean, Polly needs to suck it up. I'm really frustrated in-game because Solaris autonomously takes care of the twins, and Polly just ignores them. Be a good mom, Polly!

      I was really annoyed with Lily and Luke at first, but now I'm kind of happy. It provides ~drama~ for the story. :p

      Thanks for reading! :D

  4. Just turn around Polaris, and you'll see Lukes fascination with aliens :)

    I can honestly imagine Polly beeing a lot like Nova when she was a kid. Zenith seems a bit more... less. With his background, quiet and calm isn't always a good thing. Especially since he takes to Luna because she looks like their mum. Not letting them talk about Crux and what happened is just cold of Polaris. Atleast she's getting aware of her beeing an absent parent.

    Elysias comment on her telling on Solaris was interesting. Why can't she keep an eye on her little sister? Because she needs a tan? Atleast Solaris has his cat, he doesn't even have any friends.... Wait... are you going to kill him to?

    1. When I saw Luke and Lily flirting, I was like "awww, how funny." Like two seconds after I took that picture, they were engaged. o.o

      Polly probably was similar to Nova, except I imagine her upbringing was a lot less open and fun. Zenith is definitely meek. I feel bad because Polly really ignores him in-game, too. I don't know why she became a terrible mother--maybe it's because she's going through a mid-life crisis? Hopefully she'll snap out of it and tell them about their father, because they need to know.

      She's just mean! I want to make Elysia nice, but she has the snob trait, so I figure tanning is more important than babysitting to her. I'm working on getting Solaris some friends and maybe even a girlfriend/boyfriend. And no, I'm not going to kill him. :p I currently have no plans to kill anyone right now....or do I?!

      Thanks for reading! :D

  5. Nova. *snorts. What a brat. I love her. <3 Though when my kids act like that I get really annoyed. lol. How awesome that they have a twin pact. Does Zenith ever get to win?

    Once more, the cat stole the show. =D Well, either that or Nova's hair. That hair is awesome.

    Poor Polly. Not believing Lyra telling her what's really happening. Not really there for her youngest. Moving forward only because she has to. Will we get to hear more from her soon? Poor Solaris acting as the parent has to be rather hard on him. At least Polly knows she's not been as attentive to the twins as she had been to the triplets.

    Yay for Luna and Quentin, though I might have paid to see Lyra's goodbye to Naomi. xD

    Also, until I see the ghost of Crux, I refuse to believe in his death. After all, Khan's blood brought back the tribble and Kirk, it can bring back Spock too. ;)

    1. She is totally a brat! But brats are nice in abstract. When I babysit my nephew and he acts like this (as he is wont to do), it drives me nuts. But when I hear other people talk about him acting crazy, I find it hilarious. And Zenith probably never wins. :c He's too demure.

      I tried really hard to find cute/crazy hair for Nova! Here are the links to the two hairs I used for her:

      I'll try to write more Polly-centric stuff soon. She's going through a mid-life crisis in the game, so she's been acting really weird and sad. I'm all caught up in my game with what's going on in the story, so I'll play some tonight and see if anything arises organically. I feel so bad for Solaris, too, but now that Polly is making some sort of effort maybe things will get better.

      Oh, her goodbye would have been standard murder and mayhem. o.o Maybe I'll write a flashback. :p

      What's with you guys, wanting proof of Crux's death. ;)

  6. What Sunny says, lol Khan's blood is powerful! =D

    I actually like Zenith, you know you always have to watch out for the quiet ones, cause you never know what they are thinking. Nova on the other hand, she is quite obvious!

    Ah, poor Solaris, stepping in as parent for his younger siblings. I'm glad he did though, or the poor kids would have had no one! I'm not surprised that Polaris took everything really hard, it'll take her a while to bounce back, but I'm sure she will. (especially when Crux comes back from the dead, lol :P )

    1. Poor Zenith probably just thinks about how bossy his sister is. :c Nova is totally transparent! She's like her mom in that respect. Zenith is probably more like Crux.

      In the game, Luna helped a little too but Solaris really did become like a dad to them. Polaris definitely will bounce back soonish! :D

      Thanks for reading. <3

  7. Yay, Solaris got his cat!
    I also vote for Quentin relocation. Also Quentin uploading!
    So, how did the kids take to being "aliens"? Especially Elysia and Luna, I think that would be so hard to learn about at their age.

    1. Yay! I love that stupid pixel cat. I have never played with a cat before, so it's been fun. I've taken dozens of cute pictures of him, but none of them fit with the chapter.

      Oh yes, I need to upload a ton of sims! I'll package the Commander, too. I've just been so busy the past couple of days that I hardly even have time to boot up my game.

      I imagine they took it very well. I was going to write a chapter about it, but I just kind of wanted to fast-forward a bit. It explains a lot about them, and for Luna it was a relief (she's weird, but in a cool way, not an embarrassing way). Sorry for glossing over it--I did plan a chapter but it just kinda fell apart. :p

      Thanks for reading! :D

  8. Voting on Quentin coming to Sunset valley!

    Contrary to popular opinion my two favourite characters are Zenith and Elysia. Mainly because I have my own twin who acts a lot like Nova, and in turn I'm the meek scaredy cat. She can get irritating quickly. And I'm part of the Zenith program at my school. Elysia's just an interesting character, and I kind of favour her over Luna and Solaris.

    I still believe Crux is alive! And until we see his dead body and complete proof I will continue this belief. Forever.

    Haha, I can't believe that Lilly and Luke were flirting! Or that she's pregnant. Looking forward to the drama that ensues when Lyra and Polly find out! Poor Lilly!

    1. Haha, I think it's unanimous at this point. :p I'll package him up soon and start the move.

      I love Elysia! I know she's not popular, so I'm glad you like her. She's not as nice as her siblings, but I kind of like her sassiness. I like Zenith, too, just because he's so sweet. He needs more time. I tend to ignore boy-sims for some reason. Nova might get a little less annoying and overbearing in the future.

      Haha, I'm noticing a growing conspiracy theory about Crux! ;)

      I couldn't believe it, either! It happened so quick, too. I saw them at the park while Polly was there (that's when I snapped that screenshot) and later that sim-day I got all sorts of pop-ups from Story Progression about their relationship. Lily is already a day or two pregnant I believe. I can't wait to see what the baby looks like. I want the next chapter to be focused on that, if I can manage it. :p

      Thanks for reading! <3

  9. I really like Nova's personality - she's quite daring. I find her to be very 'living the moment, who cares what happens later?' kind of person.

    I kind of understand Polly's refusal to talk about Crux, but the twins deserve to know about him. :( And I'm with all the others - until we get physical proof, I refuse to believe he's really gone!

    1. She is definitely a "seize the day" kind of person. She should provide lots of fun in the future. :)

      Yes, they definitely deserve to know. There's been similar sorts of secrets kept in my family, and it never really helps anyone. Zenith in particular needs to know since Polly has such a hard time even looking at him. And oh goodness, the "Crux isn't dead" movement is gaining a lot of traction. ;)

      Thanks for reading! :D

  10. Poor Polly, she must be finding it so hard to cope with stuff, but I hope she finds a way as the twins need her and the triplets need to be able to be teens and not parents to their younger siblings.

    Nova is very funny to read about, but I suspect she'd drive me up the wall

    1. Yes, all the children are losing out. I think the triplets are already almost halfway through the teen stage, and they've spent a lot of it raising the kids from toddlers and then taking them out and helping them with homework and stuff. They'll be leaving the nest, soon.

      She'd definitely be no-fun in real life! I know kids like that and they drive me nuts. Maybe she'll mellow with age.

      Thanks for reading! :D

  11. First I need to congratulate you on keeping up with the characterization of so many sims. You've managed to keep them all unique and I know that had to be very taxing.

    Since Nova seems to be the star sim in this chapter, does this mean you are fleshing her out because she will be heir? You can tell me, I won't tell a soul. ;) I love her. Take charge, don't take no mess, risky kinda gurl, and very funny too! I'm sure she will be a handful and then some and I'm looking forward to all the stuff she will no doubt get into.

    Zenith aka he-who-shall-not-be-named jr. I feel for him, the poor guy lol. Hope he doesn't let Nova continue to run over him too much.

    Lordy Luna is Polaris doppelganger except she doesn't have as much as a smart mouth like Polaris does. Solaris is quite handsome. :D He has always seemed so grown up, so to find out that he had to take care of his siblings is no surprise to me but to see him playing in the sand just for a moment put a smile on my face.

    I laughed so hard at Lyra talking about Luke. Also I didn't even notice Luke and Lilly behind Polaris at first glance lol.

    1. Thank you! That means a lot. It is pretty difficult to keep up all these weird little personalities. :p

      It's no secret: Nova will most likely be heir, unless one of the others wins me over before then. I'm glad you like her! I have some fun things planned for her, I hope.

      Yes, poor He-who-shall-not-be-named Jr. :c He needs something good to come his way.

      Luna looks exactly like Polly! It is so uncanny. She's much sweeter, though. I was surprised by how good-looking Solaris became. TBH, I thought he looked weird as a kid. ^^;; Him playing in the sand was too cute not to include.

      Heehee, I'm glad you liked Lyra's ranting! She has so much more to say about the matter, too.

      Thanks for reading! :D

  12. Nova <3 So prettttty!

    And Zenith the princess. lol. It's sad that he makes Polly sad.

    I'm still mad at you about Crux :(

    1. Thanks! She always looks so angry. I need to change her eyebrows.

      I didn't realize boy sims could be princesses until Zenith. He makes a cute princess. Poor Polly, though. :c

      I'm so, so sorry. I'll make it up somehow. Thanks for reading!

  13. I really like this chapter, and I think it's because you included so many little details. Like how Nova wants a bedtime story but she doesn't want to ask for it. Or when she came to dinner and said "Was Novasaurus just here? Weird how I always miss her." I guess I really like Nova.

    It's sad that they can't talk about Crux. Do Nova and Zenith even know that he "died" (still waiting for proof on that one)?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was really proud of the Novasaurus line in particular. I really like her, too.

      At this point, no--they have no idea he died. I think a lot of people are waiting for proof that Crux died. :p Thanks for reading! :D

  14. I like Nova's spunk. Nice chapter :)

    1. Thanks! I too love Nova's spunk. Spunky girls are the best. :)