Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ch. 1.17: Bee Larvae

“Yeah, this’ll do nicely,” Lyra shields her eyes from the setting sun and scans the horizon, “I can see living here.”

“It certainly is lovely,” Crux agrees, “breathtaking, even.”

“I’ll get a house close to the beach, swim every day and hit up the casino every night—I’ll be living’ the high life. No more of this dry heat, endless sand bullshit.”

“I think the safety and remoteness of this town is more compelling,” Crux wants to hurry this along. Lyra and Crux have been visiting various towns around Simnation for months, investigating demographics and gauging political and social leanings. They’d run into some strange towns during their adventures, as well as some forgettable towns, but this one was different. It’s normal, but eerily so. Everyone had been kind to the duo thus far, and no one questioned their appearance. It seems they found a winner, but Crux is nervous, uneasy. Something feels off—it’s too perfect, too welcome, too accepting.

“Mmm, it’s so goddamn beautiful, though. Look at it.”

“While I agree the view is sublime, I believe it is time for us to return to Lucky Palms. Polaris is due any day now…”

“Oh, she can hold it in. Why don’t we check out the casino? It’s not too far from here. I think I have some extra cash. We could—“ A loud chirping interrupts Lyra. Crux pulls his phone out of his pocket and checks the caller ID before answering.

“Polaris? Are you okay?”

“Hello, Mr. Court? It’s Elly.”

“Is something the matter? Why are you calling from your mother’s phone?”

“Ummm…mom’s, ummm…her something broke?” Crux hears yelling in the background. “Oh, water. Her water broke.”

“Already? This is premature--how is she feeling?” Elysia relays the question to her mom. Profanity laced screams emanate from the phone.

“I’m not going to get to go to the casino, am I?” Lyra sighs.

Elysia whimpers, “Umm…I don’t think she’s okay. She’s really mad. At you, in fact.” Crux sighs. After Luke abandoned her during her first pregnancy, he can understand why Polaris would be so angry.

“I will depart immediately. Tell your mother I will be back in Lucky Palms within twelve hours. Thank you for notifying me, Elly,” Crux tries to sound composed. Lyra throws her hands up in annoyance—they had driven twelve hours to get here, spent the past two days scoping the place out, and now they were going to have to drive back without having played even one game of poker.

“Please hurry, Mr. Court. She’s really mad.”

“Try to keep her calm and relaxed,” Crux knows that advice is useless, but he’s at a loss for what else to do. His mate—wait, fiancée, not mate—is giving birth at this moment, and he’s not there to help. He can’t keep disappointing her like this.
The snow is piling up outside. The kids have long since gone to bed, tuckered out by the winter festival, but Crux is still talking so Polaris is obligated to listen.

“Ultimately, Xharor made a compelling case for revealing ourselves, but after I spoke with Lyra—“

“You told Lyra that you had been abducted before you told me?” Polaris snaps. She had been listening to his abduction story for half an hour, and had amazingly stayed mostly-quiet, but this was inexcusable. “I can’t believe this. This happened how long ago?”

“Before your announced your pregnancy.”

“Hmm. Interesting, interesting. And when did you tell Lyra?”

“…also before you announced your pregnancy.” She feels herself tense up as rage begins to coarse through her.  He told Lyra first.

 “And why, pray tell, did you tell fucking Lyra before you told me?”

“I told her first simply because I wished to investigate our options—“

“—and I’m not capable of investigating? She’s a hothead! I mean, I am, too, but she’s worse than me! And what the fuck do you mean investigating? That alien gave you stupid advice. We’re not going to announce to the world, ‘hey, we’re aliens. Don’t worry, we come in peace.’ Not until I know for sure that the Commander is dead. Maybe not even then.”

“As I was saying, I decided—and Lyra agrees--it would be best if we seek out a place we are sure that the Hegemony never colonized. There are several towns and villages in Simnation that they are not aware of; really, we only sent agents to a handful of population centers, centers we thought would be strategic. Even though Lyra was an agent for longer than you or I, she cannot name more than three population centers. I personally know that there are many gaps in the Hegemony’s knowledge of Simnation.” He stops speaking for a moment, expecting a response. Polaris stares back at him, her eyes cold and unwavering. She’s afraid if she blinks she might cry. Stupid pregnancy.

“Furthermore, if the Hegemony really is collapsing, we cannot predict what will happen to fugitives such as ourselves. We could be safe, or another, crueler government could take over and seek out traitors. We may want to move to a more remote area. Lyra has offered to assist me in exploring potential locations. Considering Simnation’s diverse populations, I think we can find a place where we can obfuscate ourselves.”

Polaris sinks deeper into her chair. Every time he utters Lyra’s name, there’s a familiar pang of jealousy. They’d been engaged for less than an hour, and the relationship already felt rocky. “Can I help? I’m not useless.”

“No, you are not useless at all. You are more intelligent than Lyra, and more capable. But you are also more important,” he smiles, “I do not know what is ahead, and working without solid research unnerves me. It could be dangerous, and I do not wish to subject you to that.”

“Oh, Mr. White Knight—you’re gonna protect me from the mean old aliens or dragons or whatever the fuck is out there? You’re gonna put me on a pedestal? Am I going to be your ‘angel of the house’? Chauvinist.”

“Polaris, you are pregnant. I apologize if it makes me sexist, but I do not want to endanger you or our offspring. I feel that is reasonable. In the following months, I will be travelling a lot. The triplets need to remain in school, and you must rest so our child may be healthy. Please forgive me for not telling you, but I am not trying to hurt you. Quite the opposite, actually.”

“Fine. I didn’t even wanna go,” she pushes a stray hair back behind her ear and tries to look nonchalant, “you nerd.”

“Thank you,” he beams. Solaris had told him that being called a nerd was a compliment.

“Oh, I love you. Don’t get yourself killed, okay?”

“I swear I will return unscathed.”


Luna wanders into the living room, followed by a fuzzy friend. “Hey, mom, I found a cat. Can I keep him?”

“Get that fucking fleabag out of here!” Polaris screams. The pain is so bad her eyes begin to cross. The cat scratches himself, unimpressed by Polaris’ slurs.

“Mom, Mr. Court isn’t coming,” Elysia tries to break the news elegantly, but her voice cracks and she begins to scream, “He isn’t coming! What do we do?” Luna joins in the screaming.

“Mom’s giving birth? Why didn’t you tell me!?” Words melt away into shrieks. Solaris, attracted by the ruckus, wanders in the room. He soon joins in the chorus of high-pitched screeching.

“Why are you all screaming?! I’m the one in labor here!” Polaris growls.

“Are you dying?” Luna begins to cry.

“We’re all dying! Every day our lives get shorter and we get closer to the grave,” Polaris snaps. Luna cries harder.

“What do we do?” She squeezes her eyes shut, “should I call dad?”

“No!” Elysia yells, “don’t call dad! It’ll upset her more! Mr. Court said to keep her calm.”

“But how?!” Luna whines

Solaris holds his head and tries not to openly weep. At that moment, he vows to himself that he will never, ever get a girl pregnant. Or if he does, he’ll skip town before she gives birth, like his dad and Crux did.

The cat, meanwhile, settles in. He can tell it’s going to be a long night.


Elysia had told Polaris about Crux’s promise to return in twelve hours. It had now been fourteen hours. The labor was over, but Polaris couldn’t sleep. She sinks into a rocking chair, baby in her arms, thoughts of justifiable homicide running through her mind. Polaris was so engrossed in various violent fantasies she didn’t hear the doorbell ring, or the footsteps coming down the hallway.  The fatigue might also be dulling her senses. She continues to rock, the rhythm lulling her to sleep. Polaris’ head droops to the side, and her unfocused eyes come to rest on a haggard Crux.

“Oh. You’re home. It’s all over,” she murmurs, “you can leave now.”

“Is that---are you—is—“ he stammers, “is that our child?” A smile overtakes her face, and her anger dissipates. She forgot how endearing Crux could be when he is overwhelmed.

“Here,” Polaris stands up and slips the baby into his arms, “make sure to support her head. I think her neck will snap in half or something if you don’t. I’ve been too afraid to test that theory.” Crux takes the bundle into his arms, gently, an amazed smile plastered on his face.

“She?” He asks. Polaris nods. “I told you so. You owe me 100 simoleons.”

“You mercenary son of a bitch! That’s what you say when you meet your daughter?”

“Her name--I did not think to ask her name! Unless…do I get to name her?”

 Polaris laughs, “Sure. I think I used up all my ideas on the triplets.”

Crux looks down at his daughter. “Nova,” he whispers, “I am rather fond of that name. I think it suits her. I have a daughter, Polaris!”

“Yes, and you have a son,” Polaris gestures to a crib. Crux’s jaw drops. “Go on—hold him. I’ll take Nova for a second.”

 “Do I get to name him, too?”

“Knock yourself out.”

“Zenith,” he says as he holds the baby up, “he looks like me!”

“Yeah, genetics is a funny thing.”

“They are beautiful, Polaris,” he coos at Zenith, “you and your sister are the most beautiful little creatures I have ever seen.”

“We do good work,” she smiles, “It’s time for them to nap, though. It’s probably time for me to nap, too.”

“I missed you,” Crux whispers after the returned the babies to their cribs, “and I am sorry—deeply sorry—that I was not here for you. I am a failure.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Are you sure you are not angry?”

“Of course I’m fucking angry! I mean, what the hell? That's a stupid question!”

“Shh! Be mindful of the children”

“I mean, what the hell?” she angry-whispers, “you had to go out of town right then? You couldn’t wait? And you come back looking like—like--“

“Lyra said I was to appear as if I were a ‘beach bum.’ It is a disguise.”

“We’ll you look stupid.”

“A woman at a gas station called me ‘rugged,’” he pouts, “It was unsolicited, so I feel as if I look rather attractive.”

“And what did Lyra think?”

“I did not ask her opinion, and she did not offer it,” he shrugs, “you look positively wonderful, though.”

“Ugh, I feel horrible. How was your most-important, fantabulous, magnificent trip?”

Crux wraps his arms around her, “the town is pleasant,” he admits, “I wish you were able to go with me. It is quiet and seems safe. I believe it is viable, though I would like to continue looking. But I will stay for a few weeks before I go again,” he quickly adds.

“I’m sure.”

“I have a question for you, Polaris.”

“One question, then I’m going to bed.”

“Why did we only have twins? Why not triplets?”

“You seriously have to ask?”

“Well, you had triplets with---“ he stops himself from calling Luke a name, “with Luke.”

“Are you suggesting I intentionally had triplets with him?”

“Well, no—“

“Like I ovulated more for him or something?”

“That is a ridiculous—“

“Maybe your sperm count is just lower,” she sneers. Crux is momentarily silent.


“Shit, I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. I’m just tired and you occasionally ask stupid questions and you do stupid things and you annoy the crap out of me.”

“So shall I call off the wedding?”

“Oh my—I forgot about that! Wow, we should probably plan for that, right?” she laughs.

“We will begin planning tomorrow,” he promises.

“May I ask a favor before I depart to dreamland, dear Cruxie?” She reaches out and strokes his face with the back of her hand. She has to admit the stubble is doing something for her, but she still prefers her well-tailored Crux.

 “Anything for you.”

“Shave. Now.”

“As you wish,” he smirks.

Author’s note: I really played up Crux’s news, but all he wanted to do was tell Polly about his abduction and his plan for the future. Sorry for teasing you! >:) I know I moved back and forth from present and past in the last few chapters--I hope it hasn't been confusing. I'll try not to time-travel in the following chapters.

So…twins! I was pretty happy they had twins, and I was ecstatic they had a boy AND a girl. Yaaaaaay.

I don’t know where that cat came from. It isn’t a stray (it belongs to the Lancaster family), but somehow it ended up in the Bee house. He watched TV with Solaris for awhile:



  1. I really like the names.

    I'm guessing the fact the town is eerily perfect is a hint at something. Sleeper agents? The Commander isn't actually dead?

    Your rolls have me worried about the future of Polly and Crux. Don't break my heart, please.

    1. Thank you!

      It could be nefarious, or Crux could just be paranoid. He's very cautious.

      I really don't want to break anyone's heart. :C

  2. Will they move to this new town? If it makes Crux nervous and (let's face it) Lyra likes it, it might be best to stay where they are. Crux looks cute with stubbles, even if Polaris doesn't agree.

    Don't feel to bad about the important news not beeing important enough. It is actually quite important for them. I was a bit surprised by Polaris jelaousy over Lyra, I always thought she was gay. Guess I was wrong then :)

    Solaris idea about skipping town if he gets a girl pregnant was fun. Bit young to plan that already? Atleast he get's to watch tv with the party- crashing cat.

    Polaris comment about ovulating more for Luke was hilarious. I laughed so loud I could hear my neighbours going all quiet :D I'm quite happy she got twins, but Polly might not agree?

    1. Yeah, Lyra liking something is probably a red flag. They will probably move to that town, simply because I have spent approximately a million hours editing it. :p I love Crux with stubble! Polaris ruins everything.

      Polaris is very sensitive about things right now, You might be right about Lyra.

      Haha, I guess Solaris is a planner? I think seeing that would scare me away from pregnant women. He got along with that cat! I felt bad when I made Polly kick it out of the house.

      Thank you! I was particularly proud of that part. Polly is probably happy about twins deep down, but I'm sure they're going to be a handful for her. I'm ecstatic about them. :D

      Thanks for reading! <3

  3. The babies' names are cute, I can't wait to see what they look like as toddlers...

    I take it the conversation about the abduction took place a little while ago? I think Crux and Polly are going to have to come to some sort of compromise about him trying to protect her, I hope it doesn't tear them apart.

    I'm a little nervous about the new town, I know Crux is cautious, but the idea of it being so perfect seems a bit ominous.

    Love the kids' reactions to Polly giving birth; Solaris thinking about never getting a girl pregnant was funny but so was the interplay between Luna and Elysia over Luna wanting to call their dad...

    1. Yes, it took place right after the engagement. I played around with filters to make it look like a memory, but I'm not quite sure it worked. He's argument was compelling, but you're right--he can't expect to protect her forever, because she's pretty independent.

      The new town is possibly a little creepy. :p

      The kids had me rolling on the floor laughing when I was taking pictures. I rarely play with the sound on, but three sim children screaming at once is hilarious. Luna probably reacts to everything by trying to call Luke.

      Thanks for reading! :D

  4. Crux with facial hair is far too cute.
    Calm and relaxed. Yep, that's how every woman experiences labor, hehe. At least he knows it's useless advice.

    Ah, so that is what he needed to tell her. I didn't realize he hadn't told her about the abduction. I think his reasoning for the move is sound, though. And as much as she hates it, I don't blame him for not wanting her to be involved in the 'research' process and traveling. The triplets also need her there. I notice she didn't say anything against the move, though.

    Oh my word. Twins. Polly's quite fertile! I love their names, too. I can't wait to see what they look like.

    1. I love men with facial hair, and I think Crux's stubble is adorable.

      He never told her about the abduction, like she never told him about beating up Naomi. Ironically, Lyra knows about the Naomi business, too. So Polaris is kind of a hypocrite.

      I made Polly listen to children's music like 24/7. Since she rolled half-siblings and 5 children, I didn't want to make her have to sleep with someone else. :p

      Thanks for reading! :D

  5. I like the cat. They ought to kidnap the cat. Or maybe not because he kind of stole the show. j/k sorry xD

    Twins! Congrats! To Polly and Crux as well I suppose. Ha! I loved Crux's jealousy over Polly having triplets with Luke but not with him. Typical male. Good for Polly on turning that on him, too. *sniggers

    Aw! Those pregnancy hormones really made poor Polly attack Crux like that. It was really sweet when he told her she was more important and that's why she couldn't go. And then Crux with facial hair? *swoons Far too sweet. <3

    1. The cat was really cute, but I kicked him out of the house after he started destroying all of the furniture. Maybe they'll get another cat?

      Crux is such a stupid jealous guy sometimes. This isn't the first time he's been jealous of Luke, and I doubt it'll be the last. At least Polly knows how to handle it. :p

      Crux is totally sweet and not meaning to be sexist at all. Polly has her reasons to be upset, but she's definitely blowing things out of proportion. I love stubbly Crux! I think men generally look better when they're fuzzy, but I guess Polaris is entitled to her opinion.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. You had a cat randomly break into your house? Awesome. I love how ridiculous the pets can get. Once a deer randomly spawned in my sim's bedroom. I had to delete it to get it to go away.
    They should get a cat! All alien families need cats! xD

    Nova and Zenith. So, did you go with spacey names? They're kinda cool, and I'm glad there's one green and one purple baby, and one boy and one girl. Perfect split between the two!

    I think its quite sweet how Crux got jealous of Luke. He should know by now that Polly chose him, and that Polly prefers him. They even have two children to prove that.
    ... I'm not so sure about Crux with facial hair... I'm not too keen on the soul patch, but I like the stubble. I got use to it through the chapter.

    I can't wait to see the larvae as toddlers, or how the triplets react to their half brother and sister.

    1. I rarely play pets because I tend to get a little cheaty with them (such as sending the dog out to hunt as often as possible) and I'm trying to maintain rules. I might add a cat, just not party-crasher cat.

      Yeah, I decided to go spacey (also, that's what the poll dictated). I think next gen, I'm going to use normal names like Molly or something. :p

      Crux really has no reason to be jealous of Luke at this point, but I guess old habits die hard. The soul patch is intentionally bad. I liked the stubble, too. Maybe I'll do just stubble.

      Thanks for reading. :D

  7. Okay I had drinks go down the wrong way twice while reading this. Hi-larious. "Every day we get closer to the grave" sequence had me seriously rib-hurting laughing.

    Sentence I never thought I'd type : "Teal stubble is strangely hot"

    I lurve Lyra. Can we keep her?

    LOVE the 50's pulp sci fi cover filter effect. Your SV looks so pretty, but I'm gonna miss that 50's Lucky Palms so much :(

    That's it! Solaris needs a cat! Not a dog, a dog would actually like him.

    1. Haha, I'm glad you appreciated that! I think my legacy needs more darkness.

      It is strangely hot! Weird. :p I'm not planning of getting rid of Lyra anytime soon. She's too cute (erm...tough? She's too something).

      I'm going to miss LP too, but it's seriously too sprawling. :c I might build some mid-century homes in SV as an homage.

      I'm considering getting him a cat! You're right--a dog would be too loyal and loving. He needs something finicky. XD